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Dairy free conundrum

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I was diagnosed 8 years ago PSA 78 Gleason 7. Scans showed no spread. Put on Zolodex. A friend of my daughter who is a bio chemist studying cancers said it may be advisable to try a dairy free diet so I thought nothing to lose so I went dairy free. My PSA was down to 0.07 at the first three month test. Stayed there for 3 years then gradually went up to 0.9 over the next 4 years. 9 months ago I decided to go back to a dairy diet. Three months ago my PSA had jumped to 2. Had all the tests again and still no spread but I went back to dairy free. Had discussions with oncology re radiotherapy and had another PSA last week. Stopped rising and still 2. After discussing with consultant decided as going on 5 week holiday in February to have another test in January with a view to having radiotherapy in March.

i know there is no conclusive evidence that diet is a contributory factor but it would be interesting to see if anyone else has had any experience of results possibly being affected by diet.

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Very interesting.

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Interesting Swand, there is no hard evidence to say that cutting out dairy helps with PC.

Having said that I did reduce my dairy intake when diagnosed in 2013 and still follow that line.

Impossible to tell if has helped, I had RT in 2017, psa still low/ok.

Are u still on Zolodex/HT?


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Interesting. I have cut my dairy intake but still consume some dairy. I swapped cows milk for almond or soya milk on my cereals.


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Hi Steve

Yes still on Zolodex every 12 weeks. 


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I may have given up alcohol and caffeine since starting HT but there's no way I could go without full fat milk, double cream and cheese! I do have Soya yoghurt as I prefer it.

(See my profile for more)
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Hi all.

Back with an update on my appointment with oncology today.  PSA still 2, so no rise since returning to dairy free, so back on watch and wait. When my PSA starts to rise again I will be having radio therapy. My consultant said very interesting but I can’t comment as there have been no trials. He did say he has never before seen a case like mine where the PSA stops rising without extra treatment. Of course there won’t be any trials because trials are funded by drug companies and if there is a connection between dairy and cancer they may not sell as many drugs.

Best of luck to all.

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Hi Swand

When I read your post in November I decided to give it a try and go dairy free. 

I got my 3 monthly PSA result today. It has gone down very slightly (from 4.3 to 4.2). Only anecdotal but encouraging.

I have got used to my dairy alternatives. I have oat milk in tea, espresso instead of latte, and deserts.containing tahini or almonds.  

I will continue and see how it goes in the months ahead. It's probably lowering my cholesterol level too.

Best wishes