A bit in shock

My husband went for a PSA test as a precautionary measure as a good friend of ours has just been diagnosed with prostate cancer.

My husbands results came back with a PSA result of 7. He has now been seen by a consultant for an examination and additional blood tests that showed (copied from consultant letter) “30g prostate with left side  firm mid apex” and Abbott’s PSA 11.9  <4.5.  The original referral has come as a shock and we are trying to understand the terminology involved.   Does the 11.9 mean an increase in his PSA result?  He is scheduled for biopsies next week.....

I’m a bit of a mess at the moment and know that until the biopsies have been done we can’t be sure of the outcome.  Any info you could pass on would help as quite frankly google is scary

Thank you

  • Hi

    first sorry about your news, but this is a good place for information, prostate cancer is very slow to grow, so you need to have all the tests and results before you make a decision on what to do next.

    I know it’s a shock to the system for both of you, but as many people on here will tell you, there are plenty of choices you can make, the PSA is not high, so it is very treatable, don’t stop doing your normal routines stay positive, you only need to look at a few profiles on here to see how people have coped.

    Take care


  • Thanks for your reply joe, my husbands not here at the moment so am having a bit of a wobble on my own. Just all seems so very daunting starting out. Think we will both feel a lot better when we get a result and know what we have to face. 

  • Hi

    It is very daunting when you are told this, my wife was so upset I cannot describe her feelings, with me it was well let’s get on with it, to laid back, just remember we are all here if you want to talk, even after three years my wife gets upset, we need you ladies at some stage to help us, just keep a smile it always helps.

    take care


  • Hello

    Im sorry to hear your news I know how you feel about having a wobble though. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer on July 29th. He has a PSA of 19 and a gleason score of 9...We have been told its mainly in the left side but it is an aggresive strain. He has had a bone scan today and getting an MRI scan next Thursday. I feel like our world has turned upside down but most days i get on with it but it just hits you. My hub by is a very positive person and that is helping a lot. For us like most people its the waiting in between procedures which is hard. This forum and people on here help a lot. i have googled lots of times but that can get a bit scary....good luck with everything 

  • Hi I am so grateful for your reply and so very sorry to hear of your situation. I hope it’s good news from your husband scan yesterday.  I have only been in this group for a short while and knowing that feeling of being alone is supported by people like yourself has helped me a lot. I have a very close family I can turn too but like most people I don’t like to burden them with worries, my husbands parents are both in their late 80’s so we are trying to sugar coat what’s going on to avoid any unnecessary stress.

    Yesterday was a difficult day as my hubbys second PSA blood test came back significantly higher than the first, do you know if it’s normal for levels to alter ?

    He has his biopsies on Wednesday the day before your hubbys MRI so fingers crossed for them both.

  • Hi

    Iam so sorry that your husbands PSA has risen. I am no too sure but from what I can gather the PSA levels can keep fluctuating. Though drs and hospital keep a check on it. We too have a small family and my brother in law has had prostate canxer 10 years ago. He is now recovered. So i do chat to my sister about our situation but I dont like to rabbit on to her too much as it brings it all back for her again. We have to wait a couple of weeks perhaps for bone scan result whilst preparing for MRI on Wednesday. At times it so daunting as im sure you agree. We try to be very positive and keep smiling. I also think its good to be busy. For me its the wee small hours in the night that can make me feel anxious but i get by and you will too..

  • It's ok to have meltdowns I was there 3 months ago but once all tests are complete which I found the most exhausting mentally you and your husband will get stronger together and I can assure you this group certainly can help reassure you or give advice . Take care and be positive xx

  • Thank you for your kind words I hope all is going well. I have only been on this forum for a few days but have found it a comfort to know that we are not struggling alone with this possible life changing situation x

  • Hi Megathon. Yes it's perfectly normal for PSA to rise whilst going through the diagnosis process. Although not quite as high as your husband's my PSA did the same. I was also Gleason 9 (4+5) so my wife and I found all the delays very stressful. We were frequently in tears, both together and separately. It got a lot better as soon as my hormone treatment started but even now, 9 months after starting HT and five months since finishing RT, we still have our moments even though my PSA was undetectable at the last test. My next PSA test will be in early October so there will be another week of stress waiting for the result.