HT with chemo

My husband has recently been diagnosed and he immediately started HT but further tests shows the cancer has spread to his bones, today we saw the consultant who said he had two choices, have HT now and chemo at a later date or have HT and chemo now.  We were told that the HT would contain the cancer and it really wouldn’t make that much difference if he had chemo now or later, We think he will wait and he will have the chemo later but ......  is that the wisest decision ...... not having to suffer side effects of chemo for at another 12 months appeals to him.  Just need to get other perspectives.  Thanks

  • Hi PP

    When I posted previously to this thread I didn't know what his psa was, obviously 207 is quite high.

    I know that you are waiting for biopsy results, hopefully when u have a Gleeson score and another psa you will be able to make a more informed decision then.

    If the Gleeson score showed an aggressive tumour then he may be better starting on chemo sooner rather than later.

    Don't forget these are just my thoughts and  doesn't mean that I'm right.

    Hopefully he'll show Gleeson of 6/7 and a reducing psa, will give u a bit more time to consider.


  • Hi pitanque player

    I think my dad is just a week or so different to your hubby.  Dad had his 2nd jab last Tuesday.  We have all results psa 145, gleason 8 and confirmation of 3 mets on ribs - nothing in lymphs and tumor itself still in prostate capsule so spread in blood to bones.  We have been told (because of low mets) 6 doses of chemo 6 weeks break and then radiotherapy.  We were told chemo needs to start within 12 weeks of hormone therapy starting.  These decisions were based after receiving ALL scan, blood and biopsy and Gleason results so until you have all of these it's difficult to make a decision.  There's obviously a reason they've said chemo can be given later but would be good to ask why and have everything before deciding.

    Good luck with it all.