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Prostate cancer awaiting diagnosis confused and axious

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I understand that Rabjohn is trying to reassure you. 

PSA is a remarakably inexact indicator of Prostate Cancer as Rabjohn demonstrates.  His PSA was 37 , no PCa, mine was 6.4 biopsy positive  PCa.

This is one of the reasons that there is no national screening programme like there is for breast, cervical bowel cancer despite its high prevalance

In Rabjohns case this is clearly demonstrated by the fact that some very thorough investigations were carried out and none found PCa,

There is a "probability" that a raised PSA indicates cancer.  I don't have the exact statistics on this.  I also suspect that the higher the PSA the higher the risk.  Since Rabjohn didn't just have one test, it does appear as if the probability is significant.

Another factor is that usually an MRI is now usually carried out before a biopsy, as biopsies are quite  risky.  In some cases, again I have no statistics, but some men may NOT have a biopsy because the MRI shows nothing suggesting one needs to be done.   It is patchy round the country whether the MRI is done first,  it is now recommended by the National Institute for Health Care and Excellence (NICE), but does, I believe depend on the availability of a mpMRI scanner, not just the less sensitive MRI scanner.

If your hubby had the scan first, this suggests that at least the biopsy was thought ot be necessary.

It's great to be reassured that your worst nightmares might not come true, but it's also good to be realistic and be prepared for them coming true only to find that they're not the nightmares you thought they'd be.

As someone who HAS had prostate cancer I can witness,  Prostate Cancer is treatable!

I'm not aware of what investigations your hubbys had so far, but IF the biopsy's positive he will need further scans (if not already had).

It helps to be as informed as possible about each stage of the diagnostic process, what the investigations are and what their results might show.  However, I'd take one step at a time.

For some information about the PSA test click here

You can also download this booklet on all the tests


I hope the news is good.