Prostate cancer awaiting diagnosis confused and axious

Hello everyone,

I have been following the posts on this forum for over a year and find everyone to be so helpful, honest and extremely courageous given yoursituations.

Over a year ago I was referred to the urologist with a psa of 22.4, dre was enlarged but smooth. Had MRI, bone scan and 18 core biopsy all were clear (apart from a suspicious area showing on scan). This was followed with a CT scan and a second targetted, 13 core biopsy. Again no positive cores and no pin.

The urologist then removed me from the cancer pathway, so we assumed all was ok. However moving forward a few months to the next psa test and result was 37.4 in April. Had another Mri.  Prostate is large at 90cc No change in suspicious area. Suspicious area is peripheral zone possibly PI-RADS 4.

MDT  meeting now want a template biopsy and a second bone scan.

Worried that rapid increase in psa over a short time is indicative of spread. Have seen here on this blog and others where psa levels can be high due to other causes but such a rapid rise is causing some concern.

Just totally confused at present and more than a little concerned.

Thanks in advance for any comments

  • Hi everyone,

    Would you believe, still waiting for results of template biopsy. This even after a hospital appointment 2 weeks after biopsy. Specialist said we don't have results yet. What a waste of time. Decided to go on booked holiday for two weeks anyway.

  • We waited from April 2018 until September 2018 for a diagnosis. I advise you to take a holiday & try to enjoy yourselves. Our worse wait was 5 weeks after the bone scan. We were told at that scan that the results would be with the consultant that evening. We heard nothing so hoped that no news was good news. Sad to say it was not as my husbands cancer had spread to bones etc & was now advanced aggressive cancer. We were devastated.   

  • Hi Steve 

    I have been reading all the posts. My hubby PSA is 19 and he had an examination at hosp the Dr ssid he felt a suspucious bulge but wouldnt elaborate. Today he has been for biopsys. Im worrried sick as im thinking if Df felg something it must be bad news. Is 19 really high ? My hubby has no symptoms as in peeing a lot. 

  • Strawhead

    No, psa of 19 is not particularly high but obviously still needs investigation 

    It looks like he is having a biopsy before an MRI which is a shame, MRI can tell u about location, more so than a biopsy.

    I know it's the waiting that is the worst part of all this , hopefully u will get the result soon, let us know

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Steve 

    Will let ya know what happens....i thought an MRI would be first but consultant opted for biopshy first 

  • Hi Rabjoh, I'd just like to say that you have my sympathy.

    The two worst parts of being diagnosed with a cancer, I've found, are "waiting" and "not knowing".  It seems we're always waiting for something, to see a doctor, in the waiting room, waiting for a scan, a biopsy etc, waiting for the results of the scan, the blood test etc. Not knowing what the results will be, not knowing what the drs going to say, and mainly what the future holds for us!

    However, it comes and goes, time will pass and you will get somewhere and you will know something.

    It is hard because you perhaps feel it's all out of your control..  

    It's not always appropriate for everyone, it's a choice, but getting information about your condition, possible treatments and how to handle things can be of great benefit.

    Enjoy your holiday and when you get back, if you wish let me know and I can help you find out more.

  • MRI should be first before biopsy as once they have a MRI they can see more clearly where the cancer is so that the biopsy can be targeted to the suspicious area once it is seen.  The best type of MRI is a Multi Parametric MRI but there are few machines throughout the country.  As has already been said the worst part of this whole journey is the waiting for tests and waiting for the results.  As you have had the biopsy first you should wait at least 3 weeks before the MRI for the biopsy site to heal as the MRI will show the inflammation from the biopsy which can cloud the results.  Consultants have their own way of working as you will find out on your journey.  Funnily enough I have just been talking to my brother in South Africa who has also been diagnosed with prostate cancer at Gleason score 6 (3+3) from the biopsy but still hasn't had a MRI so telling him all about this too as his consultant wants him to have an MRI next week but he only had the biopsy last Friday. 

    Hope you get through this OK.


  • As Des has already indicated, you're going in blind doing a biopsy first.

    Perhaps someone could explain to us why they would ever do a biopsy first?

  • Do you think it is a financial thing as MRi's are expensive?  IF it isn't I just don't understand it really?  I had a biopsy first not knowing that it was best the other way around.  At that time I had not got in touch with either Prostate Cancer UK or Macmillan as naievely thought the consultant urologist was doing things the right way - I really should know better. I didn't think I needed to contact a cancer forum until I had the diagnosis of cancer  but really it would have been good to have got in contact with these forums a year earlier when I was having difficulty getting a PSA test as I would have had some of this information and known what to ask for.  I now know a template biopsy would be more accurate than a TRUS biopsy and MRI should be done first but for me it was hard just getting the PSA tests done and I should have paid to get one done once my PSA started to rise as it went from 8 to 12 in a year and this would have been picked up sooner had I been able to have the PSA test when I was already worried about it rising in the previous year from 5 to 8.  Whether things would have worked out better for me I don't know but I always wonder if they would have picked up the cancer before it was pushing on the edge of the capsule - although I would have ended up having the same treatment I still can't get it out of my mind even nearly 3 years post ht and radiotherapy that some cells might have got out.  Suppose you just never feel safe again. 


  • Des

    I know what u mean about near the capsule edge, mine was the same.

    But for u if there some rogue cells about I think that they might of got loose by now.

    Biopsy before MRI,  cost? U could be right although I think that MRI has come down in price the last couple of years, last I heard about £300