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Locally Advanced Prostate Cancer

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Hi Joe, I'm not on any trial as far as I'm aware, I think the consultant would have said if I was and no I've not had radiotherapy. You read about people having all sorts of different treatments that you have never even heard of. May be it's a bit at a time treatment wise or if he doesn't need it don't give him it! Only time will tell, you just have to have faith in the consultant and hope he is doing his best for you.

Cheers for now


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Hey SD1

That's a heck of a story. Very bold of you to stop the HT treatment. Not sure if the same approach would be any good for me. Like you I was told HT for life , which goes with all of the joyous side effects, as you describe.

My PSA was 259 with localised bone mets to ribs, hips & spine. 18 weeks of high dose chemo last year. Still feeling fatigued and having issues with numbness in my hands and legs, but your story gives me hope that one day, maybe, just maybe I can get back to "normal". Fingers crossed.

I wish you well


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Hi there chap,

We are on different paths I see from your stats.  But you have to have some hope or there's no point in having treatment really.  There is a nice man on Prostate UK who is refusing treatment (for now) as he cannot face the side effects.  Brave chappy that he is.  I'm just bloody hopeless with any drugs so didn't do well with the depression bit in the middle.  But isn't time a healer as here I am on my 'orrible 'ormones hols and as near to 'normal' as I suppose I'll ever get.  Bad thoughts and all that jazz almost a forgotten memory but I have to remind myself this is a holiday so one day I'll be following your path.

I hope that once the effects of the chemo wear off into the sunset, you can have as normal a life as poss.  All the best chap.