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Happy New Year

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We also stayed at a hotel for the first two weeks of my radiotherapy and then stayed at a Cancer SElf Help Group where I could also get transport to the cancer centre.  It was about half an hour outside the city.  There was a gym at the Self Help Centre and I could also go swimming there as they had a pool.  Also had massages, reflexology reiki and all sorts on offer there - all for the price of a donation - needless to say I made quite a large donation - after all it saved the price of staying at an hotel.  It was more difficult keeping up with the gym when we stayed in the hotel those first couple of weeks but managed twice during the week and once or twice at the weekend when I returned home.  I was never told anything about exercising between the gold seeds going in and the start of radiotherapy but then it was only about 10 days and over Christmas so actually didn't do much exercise then anyway - but I didn't row so probably would have been different if I had said I had.  Where are you having your radiotherapy?

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It's at the Beatson in Glasgow. I will be staying in the Jury Pond hotel which is very close. There's also a Maggies' Centre right next door so I will probably be spending some time there too.

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