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Gleason 4+4=8 and NANOKNIFE / IRE

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Don't know how helpful this maybe Troc,but about a year ago my cancer returned and l had a Pet scan in Turkey to determine where it was, followed by True beam radiotherapy and put on Zoldex PSA today is 0.1 The hospital I attended is JCI gold star, American quality system in patient care etc Would emphasize hospital not a clinic and they are very professional.Cost of treatment was between £4k to £5k,I also had a cataract removed included in this price, I seen a Professor Doctor Mustafa  you can book an e-appointment and read up on the consultants history publications etc they have good interpreters.l had the procedure carried out at Memorial Hastanesi (hospital) in Antalya hence my nickname,whatever you do don't use Google translate, they tell me it's like a2year Old's ramblings in Turkish! If I can provide more info if you are interested in this option send me a private message and I will do my best to answer any questions.

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I am interested to know about Nano-knife treatment, I have been diagnosed recently in Belgium in Brussels I had a biopsy which confirmed a tumour with Gleason score (3+4) 7, Urologist advise is the entire removal of the prostate which I am very sceptical about, I am 65, I live and work in Brussels and the health system here is totally different from NHS.

I appreciate any information, all the best and good luck

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Hi incredible1

having had Ire twice now, I definitely think it’s worth a go for you. But beware, it’s not inconsequential, my advice is go and see Prof Emberton in London, don’t go anywhere near Prof Stehlling in Offenbach, he left me incontintent and impotent! My quality of life is a train wreck after paying him a lot of money to try and preserve it! Good luck!

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That is the big difference between prostratectomy and nano knive. you’ll only have prostratectomy once

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That's true, I can't argue with that!

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Hello,am a bit late coming back but due to the urgency had to make a fast decision.

After examining all options especially focal therapy I decided to do radical prostatectomy (open).

I had the operation on 14 th February,Gleason 9 and last PSA was around 14.(no bone infection no metastasis)

The operation was done with frozen section biopsy during the operation allowing the surgeon to cut very close and also do nerve sparing on one side.

The catheter was removed after 7 days and I was released after ten days but with one wound drainage bag that was still secreting (the other had stopped after 3 days)

The bag was finally removed yesterday and it is a big relief.

Despite Gleason 9 and slight capsular penetration the result in the biopsy was such that it is considered G3 but R0 so no remaining tumour discernible.

Lymph nodes were clean.

Continence  is not perfect but working on it (I am 69 so thats expected) but can travel an hour without any real mishaps.

I can sleep too without leaking and its improving as the pain subsides.

The operation is very heavy and one and I recommend those considering it to watch Christopher Edens video as it is more than truthful.

One still lives with the risk of recurrence even with tumour removal but we will check PSA 3 months after operation.

I am not happy with some advice to also have radiotherapy to kill off latent cancer cells in a few months.

I will be reporting on that and would love to hear from people who had successful ops and then had an elevated PSA after.