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I realise that this may not be connected but I have had a persistent itch around the site of the radiotherapy tattoo on my hip for about the last month - did not have it when I went for my yearly check at cancer centre back in January (typical).  I finished my radiotherapy on Jan 31st 2017 so I am not sure what this is but was just wondering if anyone else has experienced this?  There is no rash or any mark - until I start scratching of course.  Have eliminated other causes - clothes, washing powder, soap and such things.  I have also tried putting anthisan cream on but this makes no difference.  Might go back to good old calomine lotion - if you can still get it?

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Hi freefaller 

I don’t remember ever having an itch associated with any of my radiotherapy tattoos but I’ve got plenty of other annoying itches that I can only put down to side effects caused by one treatment or another.

Yours may or may not be radiotherapy related but, if it is, aqueous cream is worth a try. I find it really helps me - just a dab on the affected area a couple of times a day or if the itching gets bad then I use aqueous cream in place of soap until the itch goes.

You can buy a big tub in many supermarkets for around 3 quid or pay through the nose for a branded tub in the big pharmacy chains. Some of the smaller independent pharmacies do tubes for £1 which are handy for if you’re away from home.

If you’re in any doubt though, tell your doctor.

I hope it clears up soon.



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Thanks Jim,

I do use Aqueous Cream after showering so will also put some on when I go to bed.  A couple of nights ago I put some antiseptic cream on and that seemed to help so I think the Aqueous Cream will help.  I think my skin is just getting so thin now that any little thing can mark it quite badly - a short bout of DIY in the house ends up looking like a massacre scene LOL!