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Sandra R
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My husband has prostate cancer which has spread to his bones. We live in Spain and he is getting excellent treatment. He is now on Zitiga plus steriods and six monthly hormone injections. He also has Zometa for his bones every 28 days. He is feeling ok with this treatment but one of the side effects of the Zitiga is incontinence during the night. I am having problems dealing with this as I dont know where to get pads etc in Spain. I dont know of any support groups and feel a bit isolated. Any information will be very helpful. Dont say move back to the  Uk as a GP told him he would not get Zitiga as it is too expensive. When we went back for 6 weeks this summer he could not even get the Zometa treatment so it seems we are in the right place. I donate to Macmillan nurses and Prostate cancer as they have both given me a very good insight into this form of cancer. 

Uncle Phil
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Dear Sandra

Glad to read that your are both coping with this very unpleasant disease. I get my incontinence supplies from which may be of help to you. Kind regards to you both.

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Hi Sandra,

Sorry you have joined our club, but hubby seems to being well looked over there in Spain. I know several ex-pats are here on Mac - so hopefully they may be able to help with some local knowledge there - and maybe you could set up a support group if there are enough in your area.

You could try Amazon - i did a search there for pads - and found some - so have a look here  

MAybe better to use the Spanish Amazon site - to get postage from the local warehouse?

hope that helps


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Hi Sandra,

Sorry to read thay your husband has prostate cancer which has spread to his bones but pleased to read that he is getting excellent treatment, zitiga, steroids and Zometa in Spain.

I have prostate cancer that had spread to my bones before it was discovered in May 2013.  I have an excellent urologists, who did the "finger up bum" test correctly and did the biopsy on me.  My PSA has never been high but, when it rises, the oncologist knows that the treatment is not working.  I have been on the three-month injections, similar to Zoladex and a tablet called bicalutamide.  After a few months they failed to control my disease and I am now on Abiraterone, (Zitiga), and steroids.  Zitiga is expensive, £3,000 for one month of treatment I believe, and can only be prescribed on the NHS by a consultant oncologist, not a GP or an assistant specialist.  So I am lucky to be in contact with the right people.  Zometa, in my case, is given by slow intravenous infusion and I am to have this on Wednesday this week.

I don't get incontinence at night on Zitiga rather the reverse.  My original symptom of slow stream at night so that I have to get up every hour or so is still there but perhaps a little better.  We patients are all different.  A GP is not correct to say your husband cannot get his drugs on the NHS, he would if he was referred to the consultant oncolgist and his oncology clinic, as I was.  Best of luck to you both in the future of this year, 2014.  I hope there are many things you can enjoy together, especially laughter.  Yes, MacMillan is a great support.