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First session today

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so I have got o ‘that‘ day.

lots of kind works and support from my ’New Disgnosis’ post but today I am preparing for my first Chemo session. Had my prep yesterday with the scarey talk about how bad I am going to feel, sickness, tirednes, infections, hair loss, even fatal consequences.

So I was up all night thinking, bring it on.....

I am going to beat this stuff, many have, and I am going to be amongst them.

Wife broke down during the side effect lecture, but she is strong and it had to happen sometime, as old as we are, we are pretty much newly weds and have both been through this before. 

So chemo today, may have tomorrow off watching today, then it’s onwards and upwards..

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Wishing you all the best and that the treatment does its job.


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That’s it - done. Feel no different now, armed with more pills, appointments etc etc 

Hope I feel like this tomorrow.

Worse part was 6 goes to get a cannular in - I did say am I in the right place, I’m not here for acupuncture 

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Altough neither I nor my wife have had chemo she always has problems with cannulas.  We always have a fun time when she tells them they will have a problem and they look at the veins and say no they are perfect.  Then they try to get the needle in!  We think the veins just run away!  We have now got to the stage that any phlebotomist who knows her uses a needle they use for babies!  

Hope you continue to be well.  Remember - you don't always have all the side effects and from my brother-in-law's experience with chemo for gullet cancer the side effects got worse the more sessions he had.  He always felt well for the first day maybe two and then had a couple of days that were bad and then things got better and better until it was time for the next session.  Towards the end of his 12  three weekly sessions he was possibly down for about 4/5 days after the chemo.  However it has to be remembered before the last 4 sessions he had had a massive 9 hour operation on his gullet/stomach so he wasn't as fit as he was for the first sessions.

Good Luck and give your wife a big hug - she needs it.

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Hi Covlocks,

I had 6 sessions of chemo for prostate cancer at 3 weekly intervals in early 2016. I was prepared for all the side effects, as you have been, but I was surprised how it went. I didn't lose the hair on my head, just on my chest, I didn't suffer from nausea, and generally didn't feel that bad. Yes, I was tired - I like to walk and cycle, and still did, just much shorter distances. Also, I would try to do something in the morning, and then after lunch I would lie down for an hour, just to stretch out and relax.

You will feel different during the time you're on chemo, but you won't necessarily be seriously affected.

Good luck no matter how it goes!!


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Hi Alan,

I was expecting all sorts yesterday, but went home, did a 2 mile walk with my dog and felt OK.

Didn't sleep a wink last night, was like someone on speed, another 2 1/2 walk (slower) with the dog this morning, still waiting for some things to kick in. 

Trip to the Arden Centre was an eye opener though, people who looked really unwell, but what got me was the atmosphere as everyone was waiting around, it was so bubbly and positive, laughing etc.

I compared that to my experience of sitting in AE a few weeks ago with pneumonia, surrounded by drunks and overworked staff who really were pushed to the limit.

The wife is my rock, note books everywhere, quizzing all the nurses and doctors, all info is going in one ear and out of the other with me, but she is capturing every single detail, mind you she made me pay by vacuuming the house after walking the dog.

Onwards and upwards



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If you are on steroids they will keep you awake.  We call them the "devil's tic tacs"  when my wife has to take them for a bad asthma attack.  You sound as if you are doing well.  Don't over do it and take things easy when you need to.  Don't think twice about ringing your cancer centre if you are worried about anything.

All the best


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Hey M8 good luck hope it goes well, I finished mine in Nov last year, Im 57 had lots of fatigue lost the taste for food it all tasted like the inside of a can lost most of my hair and toe nails went all black then eventually fell off, About every 5 days after the chemo It felt like a truck hit me for a few days the gradually got better.

If someone said to me would I have Chemo again to help slow my cancer, you bet I would after all it slow my cancer & reduced it to .03. the side effects were a small price to pay. Plus I still went back to work about 7 to 10 days before the next treatment.

Take care hope you have minimal effects


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Back to sleeping all night now, except for the wake up to either open or close the window (my body cant make it's mind up whether its hot or cold).

Everything tastes like cardboard, dirty cardboard. Tried a favourite beer last night, I still haven't worked out how the dog managed to open it, pee in it, then put it back into the fridge, at least that's what it tasted like.


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Hi there, 

your dog been round my house?   You made me laugh. Thank you. All my info is on my profile except for the last session. 

Favourite foods and drinks are a a waste of time for now.. Maybe the last week before next session isn't too bad. I'm on session 5 and you get used to it. 

I found the fatigue and restlessness the worst. But the end is in sight. Keep up the humour and buy ace lager for the next 18 weeks!


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Glad you are sleeping OK now.  Someone posted a while ago that sucking on pineapple chunks during chemo can help with the taste.

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I am certainly going to give that a go.

i mean I cook a nice dinner, it smells really great, but tastes like the missus burnt it again. Followed it with a nice long soft drink and my mouth felt like it was full of cream crackers.

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Hi all.

Personally for me my chemo treatment improved the taste of my cooking, pity the  kids didn't think so. Ha ha 

Best Regards