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Side effects of Radium

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I'm about to start a 2 month course of Radium treatment for Prostate Cancer and they plan to attack the pelvic region (although it has not spread to bones) and then attack the Prostate last thing.
What can I really expect as side effects. How have you others felt and what did you experience. Did the side effects curtail travelling as I love to travel a lot (within UK that is).

Anything at all of info persoinally would be appreciated.
Thanks a lot.
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Why are you having that treatment? What you are describing is unusual.
What is your gleason score and staging? if you do not know what I mean email me.
I have had mine removed six months ago and did lots of research. You need to think this is your life here we are dealing with and we need more info on the way forward.
Tell me the Gleason and maybe I can give you some good advice.

I have been where you are and if you have the right treatment you will be Ok.

Good luck

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Hello ka30

I have just read your history and update, and hope the treatment is going well and the side effects aren't too horrible. My husband has just been diagnosed, with Gleason 7 prostate cancer, after having a blood test for something completely unrelated. It has been a great shock, as he had no symptoms. He has been advised to have his prostate removed, so they can have a good look around and hopefully he will have a clear margin aound the prostate. This takes place in a couple of weeks and he is aware that he might need Radium treatment after the op. I know you were asking for info about side effects, but hope you can pass on some of your experiences, as you will now be there yourself.

I hope all is going well for you.

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Actually ka30 is only repeating what I expect was told to him with regards radiotherapy { I quote ' they plan to attack the pelvic region and then attack the Prostate last thing ' }

I have had daily Radiotherapy and on the last week they focus in on the prostate { the exact spot where cancer was discovered } but of course its has been treated for the past weeks but not in such a precise fashion.

For anyone new to Radiotherapy first let me say that everyone feels the same way about the unknown  but once it starts the time soon goes fast.

Like most people I had to drink water to end up with a half full bladder and that took far longer than the Radiotherapy itself.

I used to go every afternoon but I was offered a place on the early shift which I found was better for me - I used to arrive at the Hospital at 6.45 am which gave me enough time to drink enough and be ready at 8.00 am and I was at the bus stop most days at 8.15 { note 1 } so it was very fast + being first in the queue there was no possibility of a bottle neck.

The staff were fantastic and were always cheerful 

Lucky enough Cancer was discovered in my case before any symptoms appeared but I know all about the side effects of Zoladex and Radiotherapy.

I had no lasting side effects of Radiotherapy but I still have side effects from
Zoladex so if I had a choice and was offered Zoladex or Radiotherapy I would opt for Radiotherapy every time.

While I was having daily Radiotherapy once I had my session I was able to continue my normal routine .

I had my last dose in the middle of March 2009

This summer even although I still have side effects from the Zoladex I was able to do my charity work and even survived Glastonbury festival where I worked for five days.

As the side effects of the Zoladex are unpredictable it was a gamble to leave home and camp in a field but I made it right though the whole summer and it was only at Reading Festival { late August } did the overheating become a major problem and by sods law I was working when they kicked in but by good fortune I had a freezer full of ice as I was working in a Club House so quickly grabbed a bucket of ice so soon cooled down.

My Team { I am the Organiser of a large Team } who had been warned what to expect at the start of the festival season but had been mystified why nothing had happened in the previous months were very shocked as it came on so fast but as I had been though it all before so it ended up being a minor problem { but of course it would have been major if ice was not near to hand }

Lucky enough that was on the last day of the festival and the last hour of my shift
so when I was feeling better I just sat outside as it really saps your energy.

My PSA Count which was 19.8 before treatment is now 0.01 so it looks as if the radiotherapy has been a success but I still have to be tested every three months.

I was one of the lucky ones - I have met loads where chemotherapy and radiotherapy has dragged on for years - for me it was only eight weeks out my life.

all the best brian

Note 1 - you will note I used the words ' most days ' - once per week I had to have x-rays which took far longer than a normal day .

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 I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer about six months ago. gleeson scale 9 stage 3. I also had a major problem with passing water and was up about 12 times a night. I started on hormone treatment and was admitted to Frimley park hospital for lazer treatment to the prostrate. There were problems because i had a throat infection and they did a spinal injection. I was realeased on the friday night with the cafhere still intact. By saturday morning I was losing blood and was re addmiited to have it removed.

 The consulted suggested a trial and there were six options for treatment to be selected by the computor one of which was chemo. I declined. There certainly has been a lack of support and lack of information.

I started Radiation treatment believing it would be the normal 71/2 weeks.however on my first day I was told it was 20 sessions/4 weeks.

Around the third week I started to suffer. Toilet first. three cups of water and then wait 30 miniutes. Wasnt told you have to drink all the water within five minutes and under pressure the thirty minutes some times became 10.

On one occasions running late I had to stop and start 3 times.

Finished five weeks ago. After two weeks pain passing water. bleeding after finished urinaing. started first caurse of anti biotics

 now on my fourth course of anti biotics and bleeding much worse. GP has had nothing from the consultant and my six week apointment hasnt as yet materilised.

How am I feeling. Im told i should take the flue jab while im still well. If this is well what am I looking forward too.

Lack of communication definitly a major problem and im told I might have got better treatment if id signed up for the trial but why should i.

Comments appreciated

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You appear to have had confusion instructions re drinking water { although there may be a medical condition I don't know about }

During the pre session { one week before radiotherapy } when they test your water intake they work out how much water you need to drink to get a half full bladder .

lets say its five cups of water - how fast you drink them don't affect anything as its the end result they are interested in.

My ' water plan ' was to arrive 75 mins early and by the time they were ready for me I had drunk enough { I think it was eight cups }

Clearly if you have a problem with water retention then that may be the reason why they want to speed up that stage .

I had the full course of radiotherapy so not sure why yours was cut short.

Lucky enough I had no major side effects from the radiotherapy so did not have to go on any antibiotics but one thing that did happen right away was a letter from my Consultant sending me for a test and I have seen them every three months since then.

I did meet a few who did suffer and they ended up on antibiotics and other complications but they were all kept in the loop.

I reckon you should be jumping up and down on your GP and your Consultant as you clearly appear to need help.

You really need to find out in which direction your going next.

Good luck.