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What to do after chemo treatment for prostate cancer?

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My PSA is still 29 after 5 months chemo treatment (Docetaxel). I also feel some pain at my back.

I got prostate cancer since 2000 and had two surgeries as well as one radiation treatment. Before the chemo, my PSA reached to 300.

Does any one has similar experiences?

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Hi Tang, I have prostate cancer as well ! As for advise I have found that the best place for information is the prostate cancer charity. If u go on to say google and put that in you should get it come up immediately. I dont think I am allowed to put the proper addy on here but I am sure that any queries u have will be answered by the ppl on there . All the best, keep smiling , Geoff
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Hi Tang

Have just been diagnosed with prostate cancer that has gone outside of prostate. Seems really high but blood score was 567.

Just had biopsies and bone scan done and waiting for result to confirm.

I have been offered chance to go on clinical trial that combines chemotherapy (doxatel) with hormone injections. I wondered what your doxatel experience was like as i am scared of the side effects.

Cheers Rustler
Marie 01
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My dad has advanced prostate cancer, His PSA score at the moment is 800.
Due to go for a full scan, and so far they have said treatment is either radiotherapy or chemo depending on the results.
But i don't understand why he is continuing with the hormone therapy if the cancer is resistant to it.
Does any one have experience of this?
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Hi, Marie01,
I agree with you that I find it very hard to get any mental picture of what each treatment is doing but the Macmillan nurses would be able to help with this. Here's what I understand. The cancer has more than one type of cell. It's important to continue on with hormone treatment because it stops some of the cancer cells reproducing. The chemo/radiotherapy can potentially attack all sorts of cancer cells and so can help with the type of cancer cell that does not respond to the hormone treatment - the hormone-refractory cancer.

My husband is in a similar situation. He has metatstatic prostate cancer - quite widespread in his body but causing pain in one leg only at present. His initial PSA was over 400; the Zoladex hormone treatment alone (which switches off testostorone production in the brain) brought it down to 5; and then, 15 months or so later, it started rising again. They added in Casodex (which stops the testostorone produced elsewhere - the cancer itself and other places in the body in much smaller amounts - from attaching itself and helping the cancer to grow) but this had no effect. His PSA at last count was 88 and he has just started Chemo. We don't know yet if it will work.

All the very best. Keep us posted
Marie 01
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Dad is still having the horomone injection into the prostate and been told he will continue for the rest of his life.
I'm not 100% sure what meds he is currently on, as last time he was in hospital they stopped approx half of the meds he was taking.

At the moment i know he has daily injections of a drug in to his stomach, but that is for blood clots, due to the result of his ct scan, they found a number of clots in his lungs.

He also takes water tablets, as his feet, ankles, legs are swollen, he takes pain killers but to be honest i don't think they do alot, as when i see him he always seems to be in pain to some degree, usually his back or neck.

At the moment we know his cancer which is originally prostate has spread, from the ct results, to his bladder and liver.
He had a bone scan which we are still waiting for the full results, but the registar more or less said it will be found in his bones as well, due to the nature and spread of this type of cancer.

His kidneys were being affected by the bladder cancer, as the urine wasn't flowing correctly, and starting to affect his kidney function.

He has now started since sunday, passing blood again in his urine, so on a 4 day course of meds to make the blood thicker to stop the bleeding. He is on iron tablets to help prevent his count dropping like it did before and ended up having a transfusion.

My dad was discharged 2 weeks ago, and still waiting to be called back to review / discuss all the results to decied on a care plan or treatment.
We still haven't heard anything from the hospital, although i have told mum to give them a ring and ask how long till this follow up appointment, as we are all in limbo not knowing the full picture or outlook.

They have indictated a few times, they don't think my dad could cope with chemo, so unless the main speciallist disagrees with his under studies, i think it will be ruled out.

He is eating and drinking well, still struggling to walk, seems ok on the outside albit in pain in some form.
The bleeding gets him down, he seems to think if he doesn't move about it won't bleed, but thats not the case which now i am starting to think he is coming to terms with himself.
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Hi Tang,

my partner is having doxetaxol ant the moment. He has just had his 4th cycle and although he is tired he is doing really well. He feels very tired for a few days after treatment but  PSA has gone right down.

Good luck.