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How do we know?

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Can someone please help or advise me, how do you know when a person dear to you is nearing end of life? My dad just sleeps, won't eat, vomits, their is blood in his urine, and he has lost his spirit, yet the hospital discharged him last week. I feel way out of my depth and am convinced this is it. It's just me and my dad and I'm at a loss, don't want to keep pestering the professionals as they seem to think he's ok just yet, his Gleason is 9 and his psa 3 weeks ago was 46. The cancer is blocking his left kidney which he had a tube inserted for last week. He is on HT, and MST & oramorphe for the pain. Unless they live with it they just don't seem to understand, any advice would be greatly received. His stage in November 11 was T4 N1M1
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I'm so sorry about your Dad. If he is on oramorph, this will make him sleepy.

As for your other questions, really only the team treating your dad can answer them and in seeking the information you need, you are not pestering the professionals; as his carer you have a right to know.

I suggest you talk to the nurses at the Macmillan helpline who can advise you of what support you are entitled to and how best to get the answers you need. The number is 0808 808 00 00 and the lines are open from 8.00 am to

Cancer is far worse for the carers than the patient, so make sure you are looking after yourself as well.

Big hugs,

Colin xxx