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Hi My dad had a MRI scan a few months which showed something on his prostate. His PSA level is showing at 4.3 and has been for further blood tests to determine whether it has grown. We won't get the results back for another 2 weeks but does this mean he has prostate cancer, should I be worried? Thank you

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Hi Nell07

The answer is possibly or possibly not!

That Psa reading is low. What age is your dad?

The psa test is unreliable in any event. It is perfectly possible to have a high psa and not have cancer or a low psa and have cancer. A number of factors affect the psa level.

There is a lot of info out there about the psa tea and prostate cancer generally but do not worry. Even if cancer is detected it would appear that there is every chance that it is in its very early stages and will be eminently treatable.

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Thank you for your reply 

My dad is 58 years old, he had his PSA tested yesterday to see if has changed since 4.3. We will get the results in 2 weeks.

I've never had any exposure to prostate cancer so I wanted to know a little bit more. 

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Hi Nelli07

If you go to the Prostrate Cancer UK site and download there ToolKit, it explains everything regarding Prostrate Cancer, I found this very helpful. Any questions don't be afraid to ask

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Hi Nelli07

I think Tomdoe has covered things in a nutshell in his reply.

If cancer is detected in the early stages then there is a good chance it can be very treatable. I was diagnosed  in August 2014 aged 59  with a Psa of 37.5 and a Gleason score of 4 + 3.Cancer was contained within the prostate and a bone scan was clear. I have been on hormone therapy since then (last injection due next month) and had radiotherapy in Jan to March 2015. All follow up Psa test show a reading of less than 0.01.

Stay positive and there is always plenty of help on this site should you have any further questions.

Best wishes to you and your dad