Back Ache (middle of back)

My hubby has a constant back ache, sometimes worse than others, in the very middle of his back, this is getting him down and he was very tearful today. The ache is not enough to warrant strong pain killers, but non the less, because he has PCa with advanced boney mets any twinge, ache etc. is enough to set anyone off. Let alone someone on Hormone Therapy. My question is does anyone else have aches/pains in the same area, is it the cancer doing this in the spine, ribs or muscle? could it be the HT, or just simple back ache.....  He has been feeling and looking so much better since starting the HT I just hope it is still working....... x


  • Lynn,

    I don't personally have bone mets, but lower back pain was the only sympton of PCa i had for a long time now i look back.

    I presume that as  your hubby has bone mets - potential for bone pain, but his oncologist should be told as there are things that can be done like radio therapy - has he had any of this?.

    I see form your profile that he is on the Stampede trial - I thought you had very much closer monitoring on this? - 

    i strongly suggest you contact the oncologist - either direct if you have the number or via their secretary and ask for an urgent appointment - one should not have to suffer pain like this.



    Macmillan helpline no. is 0808 808 00 00 (Monday to Friday, 9am–8pm).

  • Thanks for the reply Mal, we are off to see the Oncologist on Monday. Graham has not had Radio Therepy as yet, so maybe that will be suggested. Also he did'nt go on the Stampede trial after all, as he and his Oncologist are thinking that a differant trial maybe more suited.

    The pain is'nt terrible at this time but as you know any twinge or niggle makes you anxious.



  • Hi Lynn,

    Sorry that your hubby's suffering backache and I know what you mean about every little twinge.

    Hormone therapy does make you low, and having backache as well is even more miserable.

    I have arthritis, and suffered a lot of backache before I was diagnosed and the RT does seem to have improved it. I'm told my PCa hasn't spread and by gosh I hope they are right!!!

    Mal's advice is good, don't suffer in silence see the oncologist or your GP. The treatment is miserable enough without back pain.

    Good luck with the journey and let us know how you get on.

    Big Hugs,

    Colin xxxxx

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  • Hi Lynn,

    I don't mean to alarm, and apologise if I do but Please push to get this pain checked out asap.

    My mum had lymphoma primary cancer, and started with upper back pain, other than giving her strong pain killers from paracetamol to tramadol doctors passed it off as muscular pain. Unfortunately this pain became gradually worse and so bad, they eventually relented and two months later having had 2 lots of strong chemo,decided they would do an MRI Scan. This showed that the cancer had spread to the spine and also in her blood. It is now advanced and my mum is still suffering from pain which the medics are finding difficult to ease it. she is now on Morphine Patches, which are knocking her into a dazed state.

    Big Hugs,

    Ani, xx


  • Thanks for your reply Ani, and dont worry you hav'nt alarmed us. We are going to mention this to the oncologist tomorrow, however we already know that the cancer is in the spine, so it is probably bone pain, which is not a terrible pain at the moment, not even having to take pain killers. But it is just the niggle in the back of your mind that thinks could it be affecting an organ, although where the pain is the GP said there were not any organs. However it is near the base of his ribs in the back, which again the cancer is in, but you worry that it is in his lungs.... saying that he is'nt breathless nor has he a cough....  this, all in all is a terrible disease no matter where the cancer is, and of course as I say any niggle or pain however small sets you mind to think the worse. But we ahve our appointment tomorrow at Guys so we shall explain to our oncologist and see what he says.

    Regards and hugs