early sick pension prostate cancer

hi, anyone know how to get my ill pension as i  have prostate cancer with bone metastasis and i just want to get my sick pension, i am 54 old, also please does anyone take xtandi for prostatw psa rising? rhey said  that bicalutamide no more working and aa my psa raised from0. 8 to 12.54 they cut bicalutamide and sais will put me on XTANDI, im concerned about side efecta, many thanx for  eventuale repplyes

  • Hi Vas , don't know about the sick pension but being 56 myself

  • Hi Vas, lost connection there. Like I was saying I don't know much about the sick pension but being 56 myself it would be interesting to see what others post re this.

    I've been on Xtandi from the get go with very little side effects just slight hot flashes and its has brought my PSA down to undetectable levels.

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  • many thanks for answer, im looking forward to see if anyone had xtansi after bicalutamide and alao maybe someone can twll how to get sick pwnaion as no way to get back to work

  • and what you do now as  you cannot go to work anymore with what do you live?  i really need to get my sick pwnaion but i dont know where to go as my oncologist sent me to GP and GP to oncologiat they play with me

  • Think I'm right in saying that u can get a private pension early but not state pension

  • ok and what to do? please any advice in what i should do foe living, ill stay in sich holiday until i get age foe pwnaion i mean 11 years? 

  • If you don't get a private pension then u would have to claim benefits until u reach state pension age

  • Hi Vas, sorry to see you on this site, I been on Enzalutamide tablets and decapeptyl injections for 16 months, yes there are side effects but manageable,.

    Ring McMillan, they have an advisory service, if you are entitled to state assistance they will let you know.

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  • Hi

    State pension can only be accessed when you reach your normal retirement age, that would probably be 67 for you. 

    Other benefits may be available to you ie, Personal independence payment, statutory sick pay (time limited) then possibly employee support allowance.

    A Macmillan advisor or Citizen advise would be able to assist with this.

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  • If you have a Maggie's Centre near you make an appointment to see their benefits advisor who will be able to let you know what you can claimand will be able to access claim forms and help you fill them in.  Macmillan and other cancer charities also usually have benefits advisors and will be able to get forms and also help you fill them in.