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  1. I have  been  offered  radiotherapy today  but soon  I will  appointment  in month  time  do I have  to start  drinking  fluid  water  before  I get  my appointment 
  • Hi Banbeto welcome to the forum . I think that it might be worth you giving the Radiotherapy Unit a ring and clarifying with them  what it is you need to do, as if they need say a full bladder, and you dont do that, then this could affect the treatment, and if it is able to be given. So I think a phone call to them would be of enormous benefit. 


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  • Hi Banbeto,

    I’m now on day 6 of 37 sessions of radiotherapy. Having a full bladder is not as easy as it sounds. Yes you do have to drink 4 cups of water 30 minutes before your sessions but if your body isn’t hydrated enough then the water is lost. My session yesterday I ended up drinking 8 cups of water. Depending on your stature my radiographer told me that I should be drinking a minimum of 2 litres of fluid a day. Also it depends on the weather, this time of year because it’s warm you sweat more therefore losing water. During the day it doesn’t just have to be water, try to stay off caffeine. I’ve been drinking a lot of fruit squashes and milkshakes.

     I hope this helps.


  • Hi Banbeto, I had 20 sessions of VMAT Radiation last October.

    30 minutes before



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  • Sorry about that Banbeto, my login is playing up.

    30 minutes before the Radiation treatment I had to take an Enema.  Then wait for it to take effect (if you know what I mean).

    Then 20 minutes before I had to drink 2 cups of water.

    So it was an empty bowel and a full bladder they wanted.

    Easy, you may think.  Until, like my first enema, which was a dud.

    I don't regret taking the Hormones and Radiotherapy option.

    I missed it once the course was finished (it did go on every weekday for a month).

    Now I am in Biochemical Remission and as long as my PSA levels can stay between 0 and 2 I don't require any more treatment.  Touch-wood!

    Hope you're treatment goes smoothly.

    There's always someone in the forum who can help or advise with anything. 



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