Travel insurance

Hi. I’ve got stage 4 prostate cancer which has spread to the bones in 2 places, but it was caught early and I started taking Enzalutamide which has stabilised the cancer. But I’m struggling to find travel insurance. Do you guys have specific companies which have accepted you?

  • My partner has stage 4 Prostate cancer like you he had problems getting travel insurance 

    He then found  a company called Insurancewith when looking for travel insurance for prostate cancer 

    It takes about half an hour to fill in all the details but got a quote of £54-16 for one week in Spain 

    previous quotes were between £500 and £1200 pound

    Hope this helps

  • There was one advertised on TV recently called All clear travel insurance which is meant to cover all conditions. Might be worth trying 

  • Yeah, tried them. They refused me. No idea why

  • Sounds like false advertising then to me.

  • Hi. Haven’t tried your recommendation yet. I was replying to Toby

  • Agree with Toby , I have advanced prostate cancer got a yearly quote of £165 from insurancewith. 

  • Hi Hotflushiva. Interesting. Could I ask if you applied on line or spoke with someone?  And did you apply for single trip or annual multi trip?

  • Hi Brunyer did it online and ask for a yearly one. Asked me what treatment I was on typed in hormone injections and enzalutamide and for how long. Checked some of the reviews and all seemed to be good, going to Majorca in June so taking it out then. Must confess diagnosed in February psa was 305 first injections 8th March then enzalutamide in April my psa has gone down to 0.007 so felt fine to go on holiday Rhodes in September benalmadena with lads in October and February then Tenerife with the wife in March with ordinary insurance. Yes I've taken a chance but they are one week holidays and I felt fine.

  • Hi Hotflushiva

    Sounds good  and you definitely have metastatic prostate cancer which has spread?  My issue is that mine has spread to the bones in a couple of places, but Entzalutamide has stabilised it  But the only options for where it has spread are lymph nodes or organs  so I have to insert organs  and that’s when I am rejected  Any advice on how you filled in the answers would be useful  £165 for an annual multi trip sounds incredible