Vacuum penis pump


Has anyone got any hints n tips for pump usage post prostatectomy? Blueish tinge, lack of sensation, cold feeling in penis. We have been suffering with these issues when using the pump/rings.

I have been on sildenafil 20mg and am now on tadalifil 10 mg but still have banging headaches which if anyone has any experience avoiding would be greatly appreciated. The meds appear to me to do anything and I'd rather not take because of the bad head but it's only been 2 months so the nurse wants me to persevere.

Any personal experience shared would be greatly appreciated.

Regards Dan

  • Hi Edenlad, I'm post surgery like u and have never even had a pump mentioned, so you're better informed than me! At the moment the ED drugs aren't doing a lot for me so a pump must be a good option. The taladafil did give me bad headaches so that went, so I'm persevering wth sildenafil which is the good old Viagra, so i read. 

  • Hi Simon,

    I got my pump from my own Dr under the direction of Christies. The pump works well for me as an exercise tool in conjuction with Tadalafil for me, I couldn't use Sildenafil gave me horrendous headaches and blurred vision. I have  SOMAErect pump from the nhs. I recently started using penile injections with mixed results, it feels and looks more natural than using the pump and constriction rings. I tried Caverject 15mcg with about 60/70% effective but a lot of pain all around the injected area (base, shaft,tip, urethra and groin?) Viridal 5mcg, 7.5mcg, 10mcg all worked but not with sufficient potency to have intercourse so I'm going to try Viridal 15mcg then 20mcg to see if this does the business, they also want me to try Invicorp? Again another injection. You can Google these for info. 

    It's not ideal injecting yourself but it's not too bad either, I done it 3 times now at home on my own so if I can then you can? 

    It's all trial and error??? They keep telling me at Christies that the nerves will hopefully improve and my own erections should return but it'll be 18/24 months post op. I had my op in Nov 21 so 6 months ago. I try to remain positive and realistic about it all? My cancer was contained and hopefully will remain gone? Hopefully my sex life will return but at the moment it needs a lot of help.

    Hope this helps a little?

    Best regards Dan

  • Hi Dan, all very useful thanks, my op was only just before Xmas 21 so I'm on the same path as you. My cancer was just within the prostate when diagnosed but just starting to spread by op time, even in just 4 months. so hopefully contained, monitoring going forward. Talking to my specialist tomorrow then planning to consult our new GP as we moved house just post operative, not ideal, as you can appreciate. I see it all as possible, and anything to get and keep the blood flowing has to be good. Having injected with enoxiparin post op for anti clotting, (although not in the penis, obviously!) I don't have any fear of that.

  • Yeah I did anti clot inj for 28 days post op too, these aren't the same but very similar. I'm happy to try anything  and go with the flow. 

    Anything to keep atrophy at bay!

    Good luck!  any advice I can give please ask.

    All the best Dan

  • That's all good advice Dan thanks...I'll give it all a go!. 

  • Good afternoon.

    I am almost 12 months post opp, tablets did not work, pump works well for rehabilitation but not erect enough for intercourse, waiting for my injection prescriptions.  

  • Hi Dan, I had robot assisted radical prostectomy eight weeks ago. The operation and recovery have been great, although I am not completely continent.  I am 73 with solid erections pre-op.There's nothing there now - but I'm not worried. I am happily married with 5 adorable grandchildren. I knew my penis would be shorter but it was still a bit of a surprise. I still feel as though I'm recuperating after the operation, so can't expect everything to function as normal so quickly, but I'm hoping for further improvement.

    I'm a runner doing 20 miles a week and swimming 3x weekly. Today I've done 5.5miles trail with some friends and I'm very tired, so naturally the procreative bits of the anatomy will take time. To be honest, I'd rather not take any Viagra, other meds or use mechanical devices to interfere with my natural workings. But I am an oldie and suspect you younger chaps with partners want to get cracking! 

    I suppose I'm so grateful to have had this hugely expensive and complex operation and sidestepped the Grim Reaper for a few more years at least, that I accept the minor disadvantages. In most parts of the world, treatment for prostate cancer is not possible. Here in the UK, we have the very best treatment, wonderful surgeons, doctors, nurses and charities like Macmillan. So I feel pretty lucky.

  • Hi Stoggs

    You've got a great attitude towards your treatment and I try to have the same.

    We are all different in our approach to treatment and recovery. I can only speak to my own experience.

    I wasn't made very aware of shrinkage tbh it was touched on by my consultant but heavily down played it was quite a shock and somethingim still coming to terms with.

    As I have said I'm really guided by my Urology Oncology Specialist Nurse in terms of treatments and time frames they seem quite happy with my progress. I am quite concerned about atrophy and was told by the consultant to "Use it or lose it!" So I take tadalafil every other day, try to pump when I can 3/4 times a week and am using injections which I haven't found a successful dosage for yet but am persevering with.

    I am 47 years old and am keen to try what's on offer until hopefully my body will have healed (nerve sparing) enough that I don't need to use meds or much less but this could take 1.5 to 2 years if at all.

    I hope you go from strength to strength and look forward to any updates you provide.

    All the best Dan

  • Hi Dan,

    Firstly - we are all different and need to experiment to find the best option for ourself.

    Secondly, I am not medically qualified, and am simply telling it like it is from my experience - it may not be the answer for everyone.

    I have found the Sildenafil ( Viagra?) to be fairly ineffective, except that it produces nasty headaches and stopped taking it- I think it is more of a "top up"  than a stand alone remedy.

    I was referred to the Urology Dept. of my local Hospital where the options of Vacuum pump, Caverjet  and MUSE were explained to me. As the pump seemed to be the least invasive treatment I went for that - I found that I needed two constrictor rings for  the effect to be sufficiently long lasting, but the downside was that such a tight constriction deadened all feeling just where it was needed !

    It was explained to me that some cases of ED mean that normal night time erections do not occur, but that  they are necessary to maintain a good blood flow to the penis, as otherwise it just  never gets a really  healthy blood supply- the pump could therefore be considered to be an "excercise" for a healthy penis as well as the more obvious use!

    As MUSE was, at the time, unavailable I then tried the Caverjet, but found it extremely difficult to prepare the injection and find a suitable site for the needle - it worked, but was uncomfortable to use and  just so much hassle,  that the mere sight of the hypodermic was, eventually, too much for me and I stopped using it.

    Recently, MUSE has made a welcome return to the UK, having been unavailable for several years - I have found it to be far easier, more comfortable and quicker to use than the Caverjet (same chemical in both ! ) equally effective, and altogether more pleasant, the pump can still be used as above in between MUSE applications. -- NOT both at the same time !

    These treatments are not available over the counter, or even on NHS 'scrip unless you qualify on the gorouds of- amongst other things - Prostate /Bladder Cancer etc.

    Once again - these are only my experiences and a Urological Specialist Nurse would need to be seen and advise anyone prior to these options being tried.I hope that this may be of some help.

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