Week after surgery

I need some advice on pads after catherter removal. 

Still very uncomfortable at the moment.

  • Ask at your surgery as in some places you can get them delivered through NHS.  What happens at my surgery is that a district nurse is sent to visit to discuss your needs and then organises delivery from a private company.  Where I lived before you had to contact the local hospital and speak to the continence nurse.  You would probably need to start with larger pads and gradually work down to smaller pads.   If you find you have to buy your own then that try Tena men pads (guards) and pants can be bought on line generally cheaper than in the supermarkets but always good to check on  special offers.  You would have to start at the highest absorbency  There are also stores own brands and Boots own brands but have no experience of those so can't recommend from experience.

  • Hi Doogi

    When I had my catheter removed the hospital gave me two sets of pads, I settled on the Tena type. 

    Before the operation, I expected the incontinence issue so bought a few level 4 pads after two weeks I dropped back to Level 2's.

    I initially paid for my pads buying Tena level 2's at either Boots or Tesco's, I enquired about NHS supply early on, it took quite some

    insistence to get them, first with my own surgery and then with the district nurse, finally after almost five months I now receive Tena level 2

    pads from the NHS. I suppose it could be argued that not everybody suffers long-term incontinence but something should be in place to

    make it easier to get them supplied. It's been a while since I bought any but seem to remember in Tesco's they were £3.50 for a pack of ten.

    Oh! one thing I learned early on is when you put the pad on, point your tackle down, saves your stomach from getting wet.

  • Hi thanks for that I bought boots brand just in case.just be glad to get rid of catheter tomorrow.just wait for all clear then onwards and upwards. It's been tougher than I thought it would be very tired at times