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First off can I just say that this site has kept me from falling to pieces so many times in the last couple of months.  Thank you to everybody that contributes to it.  I find so much hope and a calmness in reading all of the posts.  Hubby diagnosed 2 months ago with advanced pc. In his lymph nodes and bones.  First psa was 432, next one 647 then on 17th December he had his first two Firmagon injections.  He has his next 17th Jan.  We will be having another psa blood test that day.  My question is does anybody out there know how much this should drop by if it’s working.  Are we looking at a drop of 50 or are we looking in the hundreds.  I know we will have to wait for the results for the exact reading but just want to know what we should realistically be hoping for.  Thank you lovely people x

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    From what I’ve read about firmagon it acts fairly quickly although others may know more, Myself I’m on prostap 3 injections. When i was first diagnosed I had a PSA of 893 and was given bicalutamide tablets they brought the PSA down very quickly to enable me to have chemotherapy.

    Your husband has more or less the same condition as me, what treatment has he been offered apart from the firmagon which is a good hormone medication.

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  • Hi I have just posted about Firmagon following seeing the consulatant today with my Dad.  In October his PSA was 78 which apparently is high for his age and today we have found it went down to 6.8 in November and it is 1.1 today.  Hopefully this will reassure you it is a facting acting drug and can and most likely will significantly drop the PSA quickly

  • Yes it's very fast. My PSA went from over 400 to 6 in about 6 weeks. I also felt a whole lot better.

  • Great news..yes my Dad overall general health has also improved as his PSA has reduced over the last few months.

  • Hi I'm the same as your hubby, diagnosed in March with advanced cancer lymph nodes and bones psa 350  Given 2 injections of firmagon first month then monthly for rest of my life, psa fell to 3.5 , then put on enzalutamide and the past 5 months my psa has been steady at 0.007 .hopefully your husband psa will drop dramatically, 

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     Thanks for your reply.  We live in France.  He was feeling unwell went to Doctors who did a blood test, that’s how we found out.  It took 5 weeks 3 days from blood test to first two Firmagon injections.  We see the cancer specialist next Friday, so maybe he will tell us where we go from here.  At the moment he is only on the Firmagon injections.  He has his second injection on Monday and they will do a blood test that day too.  Is there anything I should be specifically asking the specialist? Gin                               

  • Thanks for the reply, it gives us some hope

  • Yes hubby says he feels a lot better since the first injection.  He had pain in his shoulder where the cancer had spread to, but that pain has now gone.

  • Hi thanks for your feedback.  What is enzalutamide?, and what does it do.  Thanks