PSA 0.10?


19 months after LPR received PSA result today as 0.10(?)

3 months  ago: below 0.1

6 month  ago:below  0.1

9 month ago:below 0.1

12,15,18 month ago :0.1 and today a nurse told me 0.10?

Is it possible?or there must be some writing error in date base or something else?

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  • Sorry can't find the discussion paper from the Lancet.  I thought I had it saved but have tidied up my desk top and either deleted it or saved it in an odd place.  There is so much about this that I would not take a statin again and have advised others to think hard and research thoroughly before they do.  It seems there is a risk of developing type two diabetes put at 18% in the original studies but research in France puts it much higher at over 50% and because of the lack of women - especially older women in the initial studies a lot of the women on the forum would never take a statin.  It seems the main thing that puts them off is the risk of diabetes - especially if their blood sugar levels are already getting to the high stage, muscle pain, dizziness and fainting. Nowadays people are also having a CAC test before starting on statins too.

    Remember, everyone is different and there must be lots of people who take statins and suffer no side effects.  Give it a go and if  you don't have side effects then carry on.  We all have to be proactive in our health care and can only do so much to ensure that the medication we take and treatment we receive is the best we can do for ourselves.  We have to weigh up the pros and cons for ourselves and make decisions based on that.  Whilst reading through some of the posts on statins on both the AF forum and British Heart Foundation Forum I did think that the argument that these Statins are now probably the most researched medication on the market and there is now more choice of statins so if you need to take them and get side effects with one you can change to another reassuring.  However many on both forums decided that after having side effects with them decided to avoid more medications and use diet and lifestyle changes to lower their cholesterol instead of statins. 

  • Possibly not ultra sensitive 

    0.1 is often cut off value was considered undetectable some years ago 

    ask for an ultra sensitive test

    all the best 

  • An ultra  sensitive test sounds great obviously. 

    But how to ask about it?

    Everything depends on where do you stay.

    Do you stay in Scotland?

    I don't think so.I do

  • I have had ultrasensitive in Germany and Spain and other EU countries.

    It is standard in many now in Spain they go to 0.07 and ultrasensitive on demand.

    they must be able to in Scotland.

    The problem is that many doctors do not do enough tests and still consider prostate cancer relatively low risk which is in itself a problem.

    never give up

    all the best

  • I know that everywhere in Europe, ultrasensitive check is a standard, since July 2020,when I've had LRP,I'm constantly asking for it,but nurses are explaining me that they receiving results like 0.1 or they telling me that is below 0.1,and then,after a couple month, they are telling me again a score as 0.1 or a little bit below.

    So, you're right, in Germany, Spain, France, but not here,we are far away of European standards absolutely everything. 

    This is not a complain, this is so obvious fact for all of us

  • Ask for a paper copy of the test result to be sent to you.  I do and usually get what i ask for until this year when it seems that only the urologist's hospital can open the computer so my surgery can't access it or print it out.  I am still waiting on a call back from the urology nurse after sending a couple of emails - maybe she is on holiday?  However, you should be able to get a paper copy if you ask for it.  If not there is always the option of paying for a private test where you will get a paper copy.