PSA 0.10?


19 months after LPR received PSA result today as 0.10(?)

3 months  ago: below 0.1

6 month  ago:below  0.1

9 month ago:below 0.1

12,15,18 month ago :0.1 and today a nurse told me 0.10?

Is it possible?or there must be some writing error in date base or something else?

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  • Different areas use different PSA tests and the less sensitive one cannot detect anything below 0.1. I suspect taht will be the test you have had and 0.1 is the lowest reading that it gives. If you are worried phone the nurse back and ask for clarification.

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  • Perhaps you are right, 19 months after  prostatectomy, befoe op I had GLEASON 4+3=7,T3a,NO and all free of cancer cells in that moment but nearly 2 years after,cancer could be come back?therefore just know it is exactly 0.1

  • Hi Pawel

    A reading of 0.1 is exactly the same as a reading of 0.10. There is nothing for you to worry about.

    It is just the way the metric system works. Your reading is very low indeed and may it stay that way in the future!


  • Hi Andy

    Thanks a lot for your full explanation as well.

    Besides, you left a ray  of hope  for me when did you write that a result could be the same in the future. 

    I wish obviously,for all of us here and for my self.

    The biggest problem is with a statistics, I mean, with stage as mine, one shouldn't expect a miracle.

    Cancer cells with  a number 4 at front are so bad since beginning, plus T3a

  • For someone who has had a prostatectomy the less than or below 0.1 is important.

    I would ask if the less than sign was there if I were you.

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  • According to my most recent results:psa  was 0.1

    but cholesterol 6.7,quite  high ,I presume 

  • I have a cholesterol of 6.5 and my Doc says that is nothing to be concerned about given my age, medication etc.

  • So,let's make it clear, you are with high cholesterol and you didn't receive any pills for it?

  • According to my Doctors 6.5 isn't that high for someone of my age, co- morbidities and medications..

  • So,in short: there are completely different standards?a different doctors =the different standards?for one,with cholesterol on 6.7 you are definitely qualified to take pills, for second you are not?

    It is quite strange, isn't it?

    There are so many similar examples that your doctors' treatment depends on where are you?

    Fair enough we are in a different countries, but we are not