Prostate Cancer, and then..

Hello. I'm new to this forum, so hope I start off okay!

Since mid September (2021) I have known of my Prostate cancer, following a PSA level of 6, after a routine blood test by my Asthma nurse.

On October 18th I had my first Hormone injection and knew of the next one, in November.

Meantime, my GP sent me for an MRI Thorax -with Contrast, at a local hospital. This has shown shadows in the lower right lung and a "Glass" something or other, I'm not quite sure, in the left lung. Next, I have an appointment for a P.E.T. CT scan at another hospital, and am told that it is quite likely I have got Cancer in my right lung. A Broncoscapy, which will follow soon, is the next step, I am told. There are two types of Broncoscapy, one has an UltraSound element, for a deeper investigation!

On 30 December (2021) I am before my Thoracic Medicine Consultant, to discuss the findings of the (fuller) P.E.T. CT scan.

It's all a lot to take in, plus most of my Prostate treatment is on hold, except for the Hormone injections, until after my Lung diagnosis. So, I have the Hot Flushes from the Hormones (supressing Testosterone) whilst frequent Coughing at night and trips to the toilet to urinate, leave me with 3 and a bit hours of sleep!

  • Yes that was the worst about the MRI scan the darned noise.  They told me to bring a CD to play through the headphones but my CD of Mozart didn't last long enough and was not loud enough to cover the noise of the machine.  Very loud "heavy metal" would have had a job covering the noise!  Oh, and it was so cold in that room glad i had wolly socks on.