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Just had a telephone conversation with consultant surgeon and we've ruled out surgery for now. This is due to previous surgical after effects in pelvic region. I have a lot of scar tissue and apparently the area is densely packed with muscle and organs that can all have unsettling effects on bowel activity if disturbed. The surgeon said even radiotherapy can have an unsettling effect around the bowel anus area and said he will talk to radiotherapists to voice my concerns. I'm trying to get as much info as possible now as I have appointment tomorrow at 1100 and want to have questions at the ready - I usually remember what to ask on the way home.

I really want the least intrusive treatment possible as I've really only just got the balance of diet and exercise back for my IBS type symptoms after a blocked bowel a couple of years ago. Appreciate any experience of various radiotherapies available...

  • Sorry, only just seen this - the priority is to mention your IBS symptoms: as you can imagine, they need stability in your lower bowel to make sure they zap the same place every day, so discussing a diet that meets your needs and theirs is vital.

    Other than that, RT isn't much of a problem for most people: most of the worries are about the hormone tablets  - are you taking them?

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Sorry I'm a bit late too. Ask your consultant about SpaceOar and if it's available in you treatment centre. Link here:

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    I do like your motto :-) and I am obeying that golden rule enjoy every moment.... thanks.

    Well, I am back from consultancy and we decided that I should just stay on hormone treatment rather than risk anything more intrusive. That IBS type problem was my paramount concern and the radiology consultant said that radiation would almost certainly cause some further instability with unpredictable outcome. The seed therapy, apparently is only considered for lesser Gleason scores than mine. The next implant therapy of that kind is more intrusive surgery, so again likely to make situation worse not better.

    Yes, on the hormone front I'm halfway through Bicalutamide month and I've had my first injection. Side effects not really kicked in yet.  But Mac nurse tells me not likely to effect my digestive system. Tiredness was already becoming a problem and I'm managing to keep that within bounds.

    So, as you say, we're planning our next holiday - while its still an option.

    Best, Stephen.

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    Hi Seamus, thanks for the further advice. As I said above to heinous, have decided today with radiology consultant to just focus on hormone therapy so will keep SpaceOar in mind if needed later. Looks like it's another bit of insurance to lessen the impact of radiation.
    Take care, thanks again,