Robotic Surgery or Radiotherapy

Hi, I have a telephone consultation tonight with a surgeon tonight regarding Robotic Surgery. I thought that that was the last resort. 
I have not yet been offered Radiotherapy. Is this normal?

I have posted before under the heading Hello which gives all my symptoms Has anyone regretted having the surgery or had radiotherapy and that they had surgery. 

Would be grateful for your thoughts. 

I have been talking to my CNS about my concerns. 

  • Hi Tyler

     Depends on your stats, if u have lowish PSA and Gleeson and tumour contained then surgery an option otherwise Radiotherapy may be better.

    If u are talking with a surgeon he will normally guide u towards surgery.


  • You should have access to an oncologist as well as a surgeon (UK).

    Your details will have been discussed at a multi-disciplinary meeting; anyone who is eligible for surgery is also eligible for radiotherapy, plus some for whom surgery isn't an option.

    You haven't given us your TNM score (Tumour, Nodes, Metastases), so it's not possible to give more specific advice, but if I were you, I'd ask the CNS to arrange an appointment with the oncologist/radiotherapist. You should hear both sides of the story.

    Good Luck.

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Hi, thanks for your reply. I’m T3bN0M0. My surgeon called me after 7 last night. He did say that I could have hormone & radiotherapy. This would be completed over a 3 year period. They are having a final team meeting next Friday. 

  • With a T3b, the argument for radiotherapy is quite strong. You really need to ask the surgeon about the risks, and hear from the oncologist too.

    I was T3a, I had interviews with both, one after the other, and I opted for radiotherapy +HT. My feeling is that with a T2, surgery probably has the edge, then the scales start to tip towards radiotherapy.

    But for me, the key issue was the complications / side effects / risks: I think it's partly a matter of what is the least worst option for your life.

    I was 63 at diagnosis, now 70 and no regrets. And I know someone who was 64 with a T3a; he had surgery and he's now 75 with no regrets!

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    If I can't beat this, I'm going for the draw.

    Meanwhile, my priority is to live while I have the option.

  • Hi all my first time on here, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer in which spread into my limpth nodes back In july last year, I went with radiotherapy in which I had 38 sessions. I'm now clear of cancer but suffer from side affects,  I still have hormone injections, for the next two years.  Side effects are very emotional in which I hate, although I had my treasure back in January/February I now having bad pains in my tummy and feeling bloated and sick feeling.

  • The side effects from the Hormone Therapy for me were much worse than the radiotherapy side effects.  Thankfully once you finish your Hormone Therapy you will start feeling better as the effects of the Hormone Therapy wear off.