Under 50s

Have many under 50s been treated for prostrate cancer? What type of treatment did they have? What could they recommend? I've have just been diagnosed at 47years old and am not sure which pathway to take. I wondered what other people of a similar age had experienced. 

  • All the best Paul, as Darren said it does put things into perspective.

    Best regards Dan

  • Hi Darren and Edenland,

    I was diagnosed on 27th May, the date seems to stick in my head. I was a Gleason 7 (3+4) with 9/29 cancerous biospes.

    Can't have surgery because of Pre existing conditions.  I had 2 choices, Hormones and Radiation, or do nothing.

    Not much of a choice really.

    Hormones are getting me down but I just have to grin and bear it.

    Radiation starts on 5th October.

    Good luck with both of your treatments.

    There are a lot of good people in this Online Community.



    "I'm not going to let Cancer"beat me".

  • Darren,

    Had a bit of good news from the hospital (I think it's good anyway).  Next week I have my final MRI &CT Scans before Radiation treatment starts.  Oh, and I get my free tattoos.

    I was supposed to take an Enema 45 minutes before treatment, but they rang and said I'd be better going to the hospital 1 hour earlier so I can have it done there.

    A load off my mind, just incase there were any little accidents on the way.



    "I'm not going to let Cancer"beat me".

  • Hi Steve glad you've had a bit of good news and I hope it brightens you.

    I'm seeing oncologist on Tuesday to discuss treatments.

    I'm also getting married next Saturday which is providing some much needed distraction.

    All the best Dan

  • Thank you Dan, I had my bone strengthening drug this week which brought some painful side effects but thankfully they seem to be settling down now. On to the radio therapy to my chest next week, got to ride the storm of treatments at the minute but it's better than the alternative. Good luck to you.



    "A 38 year old trying to live with stage 4 metastatic prostate cancer, my journey so far is on my profile"

  • Congratulations Dan,

    Hopefully in years to come, you can look back at this year and only think, "It was the year I got married".

    I won't even mention the"Big C"

    Hope you and your wife have a great day and long life together.



    "I'm not going to let Cancer"beat me".

  • I saw the oncologist who echoed the thoughts of the surgeon, given my age surgery is my best option so I have called the macmillan nurse all set the ball in motion.

    I will feedback when I know more.

    Best regards to one all, be well lads!


  • Have you actually met any of your team? Apart from my original meeting for the DRE all of mine have been telephone consultations. I have another call with the Oncologist on Friday. 

  • Hi Tyler,

    I met the oncologist in person and spoke to the surgeon over the phone. I met the macmillan nurse in person previously.

    Best regards Dan