Under 50s

Have many under 50s been treated for prostrate cancer? What type of treatment did they have? What could they recommend? I've have just been diagnosed at 47years old and am not sure which pathway to take. I wondered what other people of a similar age had experienced. 

  • Hi Edanlad

    Your at a great age to have treatment, what did they say your PSA, Gleason and what stage are you ? If all three are low, try to get as much information about what the oncologist have in mind, whatever it is it will benefit you just take your time PC is very slow growing times on your side.

    Stay safe


  • Hey Joe,

    My gleason score was 7 mostly 3s and some 4s. My PSA is 2.5 now and  was 1.7 2yrs ago. The macmillan nurse said it was intermediate level?

    My dad had prostrate cancer and prostrate removal at the age of 50. My uncles in his 80s and has prostrate cancer, he's undergoing radiotherapy. The Dr said my family history was a red flag for them.


  • Hi

    Those scores are fairly low, but it Seems you’ve made your mind up, just make sure you understand everything that is told you, 

    Stay safe


  • Hi Joe,

    When you say I've made my mind up what do you mean? 

    I'm trying to ask about other people's experiences of treatment who are a similar age to me? I still don't know whether to have surgery or radiotherapy?

    As I understand it they are advising me to have treatment although that decision is up to me? Surely it's better to get it done now than in say 10years?

  • Hi Edanland 

    This is a difficult one because of your age.

    If all your stats r low, don't think you mentioned your PSA, and tumour is small than active surveillance is Def an option.

    Your two main treatment options both have their own side effects , possibly Radiotherapy less so.

    If ED concerns you, and I'm sure that it does then be careful about the surgery option because the two main side effects can be urinary issues and ED problems.

    Obviously not everyone that has surgery will encounter these issues long term but it is something to be aware of.

    If u r going on AS then monitoring any tumour growth is essential by way of PSA and MRI.

    Good thing is, time is on your side 


  • Hi Steve,

    My PSA has gone from 1.7 to 2 5 in 2 years. I was hoping after my diagnosis to be given direction?

    This is all very new to me and I am appreciative of anyone's experience who has been in the same position. The choices they made and the reasons why.

    Regards Dan

  • Your PSA is near normal.

    Do u know what the MRI report says, if not it could be worth getting hold of a copy 

    By the way I was on active surveillance for 4 years, then had Radiotherapy.


  • The Dr said it had some "dark marks, legions" then i had transperineal Biopsy done which confirmed that I have prostrate cancer. Like I say I am very new to this, what would I be looking at on the MRI report? 


  • Is there just one tumour, the size in mm.

    All this info u can keep, handy to have for your records and if u ever go for a second opinion.

    It does look like low key at the moment , see how it goes and monitor which I am sure they will do.


  • Thanks for that Steve I'll try and gather that info up for myself. 

    I don't really want any treatment but if that's what will ultimately happen maybe I'm best having it whilst I'm relatively young? I don't know? It's doing my head in.

    I'm sure I'll know more once I've spoken to the surgeon and oncologist.