Hello, new to group just want to say hello. I have recently been diagnosed with T3 locally advanced cancer. Just looking for any information or advise on people’s experiences and what to expect. Thank you in advance

Prostate Cancer recently diagnosed 

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    The priority is to live while you have the option.

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    Go to www.prostatecanceruk.org and look at their Prostate cancer toolkit pamphlets.  You can either read them on line or download them to read later or ask for them to be posted to you in paper form, - though obviously this takes longer so best to read when you have them on the screen.  These give brilliant information for those recently diagnosed explaining what all the different things mean.  There is also a telephone helpline on a free number 0800 074 8383 where specialist prostate cancer nurses will answer your questions.  We found this invaluable when I was first diagnosed as my key worker was almost impossible to get in touch with as she was so busy.  I got more information from my urologist's secretary whose father had had PCa and she told me I could ring her any time as she had been through all this with her Dad.  Thankfully after talking to the prostate cancer uk specialist nurses a few times I could straighten things out in my mind. 

    Take care and keep in touch so we know how you are doing.

  • I am just about to take my 12th Prostap jab and after 3 years research eventually concluded that low muscle mass caused by low testosterone levels was the main culprit . Also 3 years is statistically better for older men in survival terms . Vigorous weight lifting improves the fatigue considerably . 

  • Hi John l was diagnosed with a PSA of 31.2 , Gleason of 9 and staging of T3b. Locally advanced cancer is curable but usually requires aggressive treatment hence 37 fractions of radiotherapy and 3 years of hormone treatment . A very good guide after treatment is your nPSA or nadir (lowest) PSA plus the time it takes to get there. I believe it is possible to calculate your own survival from this alone . My latest PSA is 0.02 after cessation of treatment. I have . Usually anything less than 0.8 is considered good but not so with a radical prostatectomy .

  • Pay great attention to getting your bladder full and bowel empty as the radio beam needs to hit exactly the same as your profile . It is an exact science believe me . A bladder holds just 2 cups of water but if you are dehydrated and most people are about a litre of water can be absorbed into your tissue and not reach your bladder likewise make sure your bowels are empty they will give you a suppository don't try and cheat your cancer staging is not as bad as you think 

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    The same extremely bad experience with  prostap 

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