Hello, new to group just want to say hello. I have recently been diagnosed with T3 locally advanced cancer. Just looking for any information or advise on people’s experiences and what to expect. Thank you in advance

Prostate Cancer recently diagnosed 

  • Hi John and welcome

    A bit more info would be useful.

     ie: PSA, Gleeson score.  What treatment is the specialist suggesting for you, I presume Radiotherapy? T3 is still probably curable.

    Best regards


  • Morning Steve

    My PSA is 90 and my Gleason score is 7(3+4). I’m on my first dose of Prostap every 3 months and I am due to start radiotherapy in the near future, haven’t had a date yet. My N. Stage is NO and my M. Stage is MO. I have had all the usual scans MRI, bone scan and I am due to have another’s CT scan (water prep) in 2 weeks time.

  • Morning John 

    So things r looking ok, a blast of Radiotherapy should sort u out.

    With  a T3, N0,M0, I presume that the cancer has spread just outside the gland, MRI should tell u that.



  • T3 or T3b?

    If you have any specific questions, fire away; someone usually has an answer.

    It's also well worth reading the 'toolkit' for general advice.

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  • Hai Heinous

    It’s T3b, I am trying to find out what the “B” means, I can’t find any info anywhere and I don’t want to ring my cancer support key worker yet.

  • B means spread to seminal vesicles, your saying just T3 so it hasn't spread there.


  • Hi Grundo

    i have been diagnosed with T3B, I missed the B in the above comment,

    thanks for your reply.

  • Hi John 

    I had a similar diagnosis nearly 5 years ago.

    Please feel free to check my profile for a detailed insight into my treatment and progress.

    Best regards 


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  • Thank you Mally, that was very helpful. I will fill in my biography over the weekend and hope it helps other men. I have only been diagnosed 3 months ago and as you can imagine my emotions have been all over the place, even today I ended up in tears for no reason, not sure if it’s the Prostap or just my state of mind.

    Thank you one again and take care.

  • Hi John,

    Yes, the Prostap plays havoc with your emotions which are obvious under strain anyway. I still cry occasionally and I'm just a week away from my last Prostap injection of a three year course.

    Good luck with your treatment path and tell us how you are getting on.

    (See my profile for more)