Insect Bites

For as long as I can remember I've been virtually immune from insect bites. On holidays and at home the rest of the family could get covered in bites but I had none. Now after hormone therapy I'm like an invitation to every biting insect in the neighborhood and at one time last year had 5 bites on one leg and  on the other. I then got more on arms and legs. Yesterday I picked up 3  on my leg so a bad start for this summer. Is it down to lack of testosterone and something else I can blame on H/T. It would be funny if it wasn't so irritating.  

  • Hi . I've not given this any thought before but when my husband had his 3 hormone injections prior to his Brachytherapy  treatment back in 2013 he suffered badly with insect bites but he's never had a problem since. That year he tried citronella type wipes but nothing worked.Hope the insects pick another target soon.

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  • It's certainly a plausible link: it's all about pheromones!

    (they're influenced by hormones).

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  • Exactly the same happened to me but luckily insect bite immunuaty returned after tratment ended. I can only assume it must be some sort of chemical imbalance caused by the drugs.

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  • My wife always said women get bitten more than men!  Having said that on Summer in Greece I was covered in bites - the only time.