Urine retention

Radiotherapy for Intermediate Favourable seems successful 26 months later, PSA down to 0.83 and dropping each time so far. But I've noticed a weaker flow over the last few weeks and yesterday I was very ready to pee, but could not even produce a sample to test for infection. Waited two hours at the Drs until finally managed. No infection. Back to normal flow for me now, but all very worrying and uncomfortable. Dr said maybe the rt had narrowed the urethra or it was scar tissue. If it is urethral stricture I believe it can be dilated, but interested as to why it happened and how it 'fixed itself.' 

  • No way to know, but may have been muscle spasm somewhere in the system, that later relaxed.

    Counterintuitively, one of the best ways to keep the stuff flowing freely is to drink more: aim for a minimum of 2 litres daily.

    Be reassured that there are tablets that can help with flow, if necessary, and of course self-catheterisation isn't as horrendous as it sounds!

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  • Hope it has righted it self for good now.  If not there are medications which can help so make sure you contact your GP if things get bad again.  Take care.

  • Thanks both. Booked in for a scan of some sort next week. Will be asking for more information as it sounds like they measure the amount in a full bladder then after peeing. I suppose they can see if there is any left in the bladder and I hope the scan shows why I had the problem. If there is a why, how do they fix it? Patience! 

  • I have had most of the scans and tests as I had bladder problems long before PCa they can measure all sorts of things such as how much water is in your bladder before you get the urge to pee and if you actually manage to empty your bladder fully when you do pee - it's amazing what they can see. 

    All the best and let us know how you get on.

  • Hi wombles, I have problems peeing which is why I went to the doctor in the first place, I was put on medication which has helped, but not back to normal, I have just finished a course of radiotherapy, waiting to see if it makes a difference, I am interested in the outcome of your scans.

    All the best


  • It’s called an Ultrasound Renal Tract scan. Full bladder. Hope I can empty it successfully! 

  • Thankfully that is one I haven't had to have.  All the best.