Any information on reducing the amount of gas in your system and emptying your bowls enough befor each radiotherapy treatment

I need information on reducing the amount of gas in your system and  emptying your bowls enough befor each radiotherapy treatment, is there any special food or drink I should 

be takening.

I started my radiotherapy treatment this week , but have had to days with a bit of gas still in body,

any information would be helpful 

thank you stan1

  • Did you get advice on diet etc. before starting treatment? If not I suggest you ask.

    I did get this advice but mistakenly only started with it the day before my treatment commenced. The radiotherapist said I would have been better to start this a good few days before first treatment but I wasn't told this in advance and didn't realise it takes a few days for it to work through your system (and there are other things occupying your mind at the time!). Everything settled down withing a few days though.

    I hope the rest of your treatment goes well.

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  • I'd ask the radiotherapy team for advice - I had problems and they sorted me out!

    Thing is, they 'see' problem, so their advice is usually spot on.

    But I do recommend activated charcoal tablets to reduce gas. Shop around though, many options are a total ripoff.

    I haven't tried it, but I'm told that peppermint oil can reduce spasm and gut 'hyperactivity'.

    If you choose one or both, I'd run that past the radiographers before starting.

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  • Hi Stan1, I was given a diet sheet before radiotherapy, pretty much removed fibre from my diet during treatment, e.g, skin off apples, white bread etc. I was also given 11 microenemas for first treatments. This reduced gas before treatment. Check with your radiotherapy team. 


  • Hi,  I had that towards the end of my treatment too about the last 2 or 3 sessions - for some reason avoided it for most of the time but for the first 2 weeks I was given a mini enema to use just before the radiotherapy.  No diet to stick to but eating at the same time of day should keep things OK most of the time.  The radiographer suggested yoga - downward dog transitions to get rid of the gas and it worked.

  • I was given a laxative medicine by the hospital and advised to take charcoal tablets.