Hi all,

My dad was recently diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer. He starts chemo tomorrow and I was just wondering if there's anything I can get him to take in with him? I'm not sure how long chemo sessions last so I've no idea how long he'll be in there for or what he's allowed to take in with him but I was thinking of buying him a couple of bottles of water, maybe tea in a thermos, a couple of newspapers? Is he allowed to take snacks in? I'm completely clueless so any help or advice greatly appreciated!

Many thanks! :) 

  • Hi Jim 788 just had chemotherapy  on monday ok in my hospital to bring book/paper  food my hospital  provides tea biscuits  sandwiches depends on what time you are there my chemotherapy  usually lasts just over an hour but everyone  is different depends  whats given my rule of thumb just give up the day and have phone so he can contact for example my chem was over 3 hours late on monday they do there very best not usually  the norm all the best


    Best wishes,
  • Thank you that's really helpful. I'll stock up on things for him and hope it all goes smoothly.

    Hope you're doing ok after your chemo!

    Take care!

  • Hi Holly

    All he needs is just a book, or some headphones, it takes around twenty to thirty minutes once they start, just make sure your dad knows about the side effects, plus his blood count will be low, so very open to infection, make sure he takes his temperature morning and night, anything over 38 get to hospital.

    Hopefully he will come through this ok, it is very aggressive so he will have side effects, just keep an eye on him it starts usually after the second day, but with every session it does get a bit easier.

    Take care stay safe.


  • Thank you so much for your reply. I’ll keep all that in mind! 

  • Chemo docetoxel is usually an hours infusion. Book, newspaper etc would be useful. Normally tea and coffee was offered although I'd usually buy a nice coffee beforehand. I was thirsty so a refillable bottle for water is useful, its easier to find a vien when hydrated. Jelly is good for at home. Id make up small ramekins, baby shower gel, corsodyl daily mouthwash. And plenty of rest, walking when possible good luck to your father

  • Than you so much for your reply, that's really helpful!