Website issues

Is anyone else having issues logging into this site? It's been going on for weeks now & I had actually given up trying!! My log in details are saved so I automatically entered the site, but for weeks now I was getting the message log in details are incorrect!. Several times I've asked for a password reset but never got the e mail allowing this. Finally after trying again yesterday I got the e mail, reset the password and all was good! Today, the details are incorrect again, tried the password reset but again no e mail! So rejoined today and lo & behold im now using the original sign up details!! How does that happen? Becoming increasingly frustrated with it!! 

  • I've decided to give up totally! what am I doing wrong? When I click into my account to access my groups it immediately takes me back to a log in screen, so I log in again, select my account and back I go again to the log in screen! Then suddenly it'll let me get to the group! How do I delete both these accounts & stop the Macmillan e mails that keep bring sent to me but I can't access!!

  • Check that your saved I’d doesn’t contain a space at the end

  • Thank you for your reply, it’s not saving my ID at all. I can’t access the site at all on my android phone only on my I pad and even then, although I logged in and read your reply when I tried to reply to you it took me back to the log in screen again! No idea what is going on with it