Night loo visits

I've  been on 3 monthly Zoladex injections since June 2020 and thought that my nightly visits to the  loo would lessen. However, I'm  still having to  go about three times per night. My PSA has come down to near "normal" which is pleasing though as long as it stays down. Anyone had similar experience of nightly loo visits lessening?

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    After nearly five years I still go to the loo at least once a night, it gets better for some people, let’s hope your one of them.

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  • Thanks for  that Joe, I'd  certainly  settle for once a night, perhaps  I'm a bit impatient though as 1 year hasn't  passed  yet  since I started my injections!

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  • It's worth checking out with your GP (or the Team), especially if you also have blood pressure / cardiac issues and the meds to go with them. HT can lead to you taking on extra fluids (esp if issues as mentioned), this often leads to swollen feet, legs, backside, even abdomen. Once you're horizontal in bed, your kidneys can reach that fluid and expel it ... only to start again next day!

    The natural reaction is often to reduce fluid intake ... very bad news. It doesn't help the problem, and may well cause several others!

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  • Hi Bas. Been on Prostap since November 2018 and had Radiotherapy finishing in march 2019 and it was after that I started getting up usually 3 times a night. That has slowly improved and I've had 6 undisturbed in a row as the record so far and quite often do not need to go until about 6 am. So it has improved but very slowly.

    Good luck with future improvements.   

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    Thanks for your input, but I don't have any blood pressure/cardiac issues, so I guess I just have to be patient and see how we go in a year or two! I don't have anything to drink after about 7pm and then only sparkling water.

  • Thanks for that Reg, I guess I've just got to be patient.

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  • I have been on Prostap 3 injections for nearly 3 years (only 2 more to go) and had the same trouble early on. It got worse after radiotherapy but is fine now. I cut out virtually all alcohol (just three Xmas day drinks since October 2018) and cut out caffeine totally. I drink Redbush Earl Grey tea which I really like and have started to drink coffee again now. You need to drink about 2 litres per day and I manage that by drinking most of it in the morning (3 mugs of redbush and two mugs of coffee) and just having one mug of Turmeric tea after lunch and one mug of cocoa at about 5pm. I will have a glass of water if I have been out rowing or for a long walk in the afternoon. Absolutely nothing after 5pm and I haven't had to get up for the loo at night for the best part of 18 months!

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  • I'd be interested to know how you get on when you finish as I'm not far behind you with 3 more Prostap injections to go and should finish in September after 3 years.

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  • Hi Reg. I'll let you know how I progress after the HT finishes. I get the last injection on our 52nd wedding anniversary so might have to have a wee drink that day.

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  • Good advice from Seamus.  My urologist advised me to not drink anything after 6 - though I do have to take a tablet with a small glass of water at 8 other than that I have my last drink between half 5 and 6 after early dinner.  Hardly any alcohol and all drinks decaff  - tea and coffee - best we have found is Yorkshire decaff tea and Kenco decaff coffee or lavazza for coffee machine.  I drink only one cup of coffee per day and about 3 or 4 teas the rest is water.  Occasional  Fizzy/carbonated drinks but I remember reading somewhere that they are not good for you so rarely drink them.  My urologist also suggested I elevate my feet for a couple of hours before bed - have recliner chairs which I hardly ever used in recline but now try and remember to put my feet up.  He says this is because the fluid in your body levels/pools in the mid area when you lie down or elevate your feet and you will find you go to the loo before you actually lay down in bed - although this may not stop you getting up it may mean that you can get a little more sleep early on before you have to get up.  I don't know what urological medication you are on but it may be an idea to ask your urologist for different medication.  I have been on quite a few and some work better than others at different times soit may be you need a change.

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