Prostate/Bone Cancer

My Father, whose 83, was diagnosed with advanced bone cancer from prostate cancer in January 2020 and in April of that year, his prognosis was 12-18 months. As his son and carer, what can he expect body/health wise and what's the natural progression of this disease? Basically, what's next, what can we be prepared for next? He is quite frail now and finds it very hard to get out of chairs, even his riser chair.

if anyone can shed any light on the progress of this type of cancer, would be gratefully received.



  • Hi

    Sorry your fathers not in great shape, have they offered any medication ? Like hormone therapy ? There is a drug called radium 223 that is given for bone pain, not certain if your father is strong enough to have this, or that it has been offered ? Also there is a possibility that a dose of radiotherapy may help with his pain p.

    like me, there are a few others who have the cancer spread to their bones. Pain killers help, I take co codormol in the day, or tramadol when going to bed, it helps you sleep. 
    No one can give a prognosis, with new drugs coming out all the time, I hope he keeps pain free, some of the things I have mentioned may not be OK for your father, but it’s worth asking the question.

    Keep safe stay positive.


  • Hello Joe,

    Thank you so much for your reply, that's very kind of you. He is having hormone therapy and generally he's not in much pain. He can't be treated with anything as it's too late for that.

    I'm so sorry about your bone cancer, it can't be easy to live with but I'm glad the painkillers and relaxants work well.

    All the best