Spinal Cord Compression

Hello everyone,

I have wanted to write on here for a while now to get some support as I am really struggling to deal with my Dads illness.

my Dad got diagnosed with advanced prostate cancer in 2013 at the age of 63 (although only told me and my sister about it in 2018 when he had to have chemo so not able to hide it any longer!) at diagnosis it had spread to his lymph nodes pelvis and ribs. It was very well managed until 2018 when hormone therapy stopped working for him so he had 8 rounds of chemo (docetaxal) he handled the chemo very well but unfortunately it didn’t do much to stop the cancer spreading in his bones and another round of chemo was recommended. This has been put on hold during Covid  so he hasn’t had any treatment at all for about a year and his PSA has been creeping up and up. Just before Christmas he developed back pains and a recent bone and MRI scan shows that he has spinal cord compression and he is booked in to have an operation this week as an emergency. I am so scared as I don’t know how he will handle the operation and then the chemo he will inevitably have to have afterwards. The cancer really seems to have spread in just a few months since his last bone in August last year. My mum has early dementia and is completely lost when he’s not around. 
Any advice would be so welcome. Thank you 

  • Liss15, so sorry to read about your dad’s situation. Has he had Enzalutamide or abiraterone added to his hormone therapy? A spinal cord compression is a very serious situation so it’s good that they are operating on him soon.

    Are they going to give him a different chemotherapy drug next? Some people have cabazitaxel if docetaxel hasn’t worked well.

    I saw a study today that said a combination of Radium 233 and Abiraterone showed great promise. 
    I really hope the operation is successful and that a treatment path can be found to improve his situation.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi

    Sorry about what your going through, it’s like your dad is a mirror image of my PC, 63 in his pelvis and ribs, except I only have one lymph node infected.

    Surgery can be daunting, but these people no their jobs and would not perform it if it was not needed, if he is good in himself that’s half the battle, I’am not saying this is a cure, but I take some tablets called Alca D 3 they help strengthen the bones and even if it’s only a tiny bit, to us it’s thumbs up, you need to ask your doctor for them.

    Keep us in the loop, any questions we will do our best to answer, we’re not doctors, but most of us have had what your dads going through, give him support, he’s still the same guy, try to keep him positive.

    Keep safe hope all goes well.