PSA levels increased!

So my dad went back to the doctors today to find out that after starting on Flomax 0.4 mg daily. He’s PSA levels increased from 20 to 27. So the doctor is scheduling him for a biopsy. But he tells me that the doctor wants him to inject himself with something I’m not quite su  routerlogin re what. Any idea what the doctor wants him to inject via intramuscular before his biopsy?

  • Hi Emily and welcome

    Not sure what the doc wants your dad to inject, could be worth trying to find out some more info on that. I didn't inject anything before my biopsy.

    Psa could possibly be down to enlarged prostate which he is taking the flomax for.

    I would have that thought that a Mri. scan  would tell more than a biopsy at this stage.

    See what others say.



  • Hi Emily

    the only thing I was given was antibiotics preventively.

    I had a fusion biopsy which is not transrectal .

    As mentioned by Grundo it would be good to do a parametric MRI first to establish the risk class

    good luck Roy