My Father in law who lives alone, sadly needs a 6 week intensive course of radiotherapy.   My partner will be taking him each day.  Can I ask, will my partner need to stay with his Dad full time while he has the treatment?   We're just a bit in shock and trying  to make plans, will my partner be able to work or should he stop for the duration of the treatment.  

Many thanks. 


  • Hi Lisa, sorry to hear about your father in law. I had a short course of radiotherapy related to breast tissue growth due to hormone therapy. Given the current situation I doubt your partner will be allowed into the hospital. The biggest time was the planning session. I did have to wait for treatment but treatment itself doesn’t take long. 
    I don’t know how supportive your partners work are but after planning and depending on local policy you might find the treatment happens at the same time each day, therefore you might find he ‘only’ needs to take a couple of hours each day, hopefully at the start or end of the day.

    Good luck for the treatment 

  • Hi Lisa

    I asked for an early morning appointment which they gave me, every weekday for 4 weeks.

    I turned up about 7.30 am and was probably out by about 9.15am.  Then I went to work.

    At least if u go for the earliest appointment then your partner can carry on with his day.

    Best wishes


  • I think it all depends on the appointment  time and also if the machine is running on time. My afternoon appointments could be delayed by sometimes an hour or more due to one of the four machines breaking down or an emergency and even a patient with an earlier appointment having to delay because of failure to have a full bladder. But obviously the earlier the time the better and less likely for any delays. 

    Good luck with it  all anyway.

    Regards Reg

  • Hi Lisa, Most of my planed 37 radiotherapy sessions went ahead on the appointed times. Over all my average time actually spent in the hospital was around an hour each session.

    Best regards 

    Don't let your good days be spoilt by the worry of a bad day, that may or may not come along.

  • Thank you all so very much.  We will ask for early appointments and see how we go.  Thank you for your kind comments too, it's all a bit of a shock still.  Best of luck to you all.  XX

  • Hello Lisa

    Sorry to hear news. 

    I had a course of 39 and allowed an hour and a half for each. Sometimes delays of up to 45 minutes. Arrived half hour before each appointment to drink the water.

    BUT it was easy to ask for an appointment time early or late in the day

    All the best..