Need help deciphering PSA-total/PSA-free results...

Hey guys. I'm in need of a bit of assistance and any and all information will be greatly appreciated. I'm 30 years old and recently did some blood tests for PSA-total and PSA-free values after an appointment with a urologist following mild prostate pain. My results are as follows :

FPSA = 0,432 (should be >1 per "normal" values, which means that this is lower than it's supposed to be)

PSA-total = 1,25 (should be <1,4 per "normal" values, so this one's good I guess)

Free-PSA = 34,5%

I guess my main question is..Do I have any cause for concern with such results? I'll have another doctor's appointment early next week, so I will hear a professional opinion soon. Would very much appreciate input on it from people who have some experience with all this, so I don't freak out in the meantime though...Many thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sarah wayn  and welcome

    I am not an expert on free PSa but I think that anything over 25% is ok especially with PSa total being ok.

    I have not heard of a 30 year old with PC before  so I would think that there is another reason for the prostate pain.


  • It may be prostatitis.

    I had it in 2007 can be painful and also can cause bleeding

    all the best