Vaccine & cancer meds

Good morning,I am a carer for my husband, who is 73 & has terminal cancer,of Prostate, Bone & lung. He also is severely sighted & deaf. Once every 3 months ,he has an implant of Zolodex, which is lowering his psa levels.!! So we are keeping positive, but I am extremely nervous about the vaccine against his other drugs hes on.No one can seem to give me a straight answer. People on Fb are Rude by saying if I dont have the vaccine, then go out & hug someone, it's my own fault if I get ill.Sorry to moan but I am just concerned that I might be trapped into a no win situation. Regards Amanda 

  • Hi Amanda,

    I think it's unlikely to be a problem,

    If in doubt, check with your GP, who knows about these things - and knows exactly which medicines have been prescribed. He also knows about your husbands general state of health and whether there's any immunosuppression involved.

    Interactions between vaccines and other meds are rare; what is usually more important are the underlying conditions that the medicines are treating. Prostate cancer does not present a problem, unless he's immunosuppressed as a result of other treatments (Hormones do not immunosuppress).

    If there is a 'small risk', then you may need to weigh that up against the risks of NOT having the vaccine - eg grandchildren! - but it's generally a yes/no issue.

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