Financial help

My partner has Gleason 9 psa rising (now 10) I year after RP. Currently on Zoladex and bicalutamide but this is not working as hoped. We already know of a spread into lymph nodes and a pet scan identified lesions on hip bone. Next steps would be enzocalutamide or radiotherapy. 

My partner is struggling to continue working and we think the time has come for him to stop (he’s 58) my question is about what financial help we might get. I work 33 hours a week but low wages and we have 2 children still in full time education to support. Just need an idea of what is possible I don’t want him to have to struggle on in pain anymore. 

Thank you, at the moment we only claim child benefit and do not have much savings. 

  • Best people to ask are McMillan cancer support they may be able to help better than any of us, if he’s incurable like myself there is a payment P.I.P ask them there may be others.

    stay safe


  •   sorry to hear your situation. Macmillan will be able to assist. Does your husband have a pension  you might be able to  draw down on it early. I understand that for significant health issues you can access after 55.

    My company also has an insurance which pays out 50% of my salary if I'm unable to work. Worth asking