Prostate Cancer diagnoses

I have just been diagnosed with Prostate Cancer stage 5 active cancer .. the Team in Shrewsbury are excellent the video consultation yesterday was excellent .I know it’s early stages yet I also haven’t taken it all in ? I’m sure once I start getting treatment Hormones then eventually radio therapy.. my rugby community and immediate family know and again outstanding ...but again not really knowing what to expect ... I believe next week bone scan to rule out any more cancer ..? 

  • Welcome to the community, Although it never seems right to welcome anyone to our group because we know what it means.

    Its great to hear you have good support network, it helps so much

    Do you have details ie is it contained in prostrate, psa levels and Gleason. One thing I didn’t appreciate on the start of my journey was this is a marathon, you can’t rush the journey, take it day by day


  • Hi!

    As Youngman says, it's a marathon: people routinely live 15-20 years with prostate cancer, and more.

    Most questions will get an answer here, but help us to help you. How old are you, how did you get diagnosed (chance, routine test, symptoms etc).

    It also helps to tell us your PSA at diagnosis, your GLEASON score (from the biopsy), and your TNM score (Tumour, Nodes, Metastases - usually decided once all the tests have been done).

    Are you sure it was 'stage 5' and not 'Gleason 5'?

    This is The PCa ToolKit, which many find useful.

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    A healthy-looking decrepit, 69-year-old male, mentally alert but forgetful. I no longer have an urge to choke people who say "all you need to beat cancer is the right attitude" - better to smile and move on.

  • Hi Ordy,

    Welcome to the club no-one wants to be in. There is a lot of good information available on the Prostate Cancer UK charity website, as well as on this website, and on Cancer Research UK's site. If the NHS services in your area are like those I experienced, you will be given the name and phone number of a CNS (Cancer Nurse Specialist) who is trained to answer your questions.

    As has been suggested, the more you share about your diagnosis the easier it will be for people on the forums to respond.

    Best wishes

  • Hi Ordy

    Everyone here is ready to help with any questions and believe me you will have plenty. It’s good to let people know what you have, telling them is the start of a long road, any questions please ask we’ve helped many people relieve them of worries about what to expect. 
    Just stay safe and if you do not understand what’s being told you, ask them to explain, it’s your right and your life always be positive it helps immensely.

    stay safe