Getting back to sport/gym after radical prostatectomy


I have my radical prostatectomy (da vinci robot) operation the week after next.

I just wondered, if you'd had it, how long after the procedure you were back at the gym, running etc?

I asked my surgeon-to-be and he just said "when you feel up to it" which I felt was a bit wishy-washy.

I mean, while I'm sure he's right, there must be a point before which you shouldn't be swinging a kettlebell, lifting weights and doing squats? 6 weeks? 2 months? Longer? I don't want to do damage to anything that's been going on inside.

Has anyone had a similar chat with their doc and been told more specific guidelines? Did you find those guidelines were accurate?


  • Hi. I was keen to get back to sports asap. My consultant suggested 12 weeks for some things. After the op for about those 12 weeks if I lifted anything heavy ('heavy' at that time wasn't hugely heavy!) I got sharp pains where the wounds were - I thought I'd torn internal stitches and was worried but a GP told me that while that was possible it was also possible that it was just nerve damage. Sometimes the pain was gone the next day, sometimes it was there for 2 -3 days. Now 8 months on I think that's what it was, so if you get a similar experience don't worry that you've necessarily damaged anything inside. I was doing very light gardening things within a week, sitting on a stationary bike on a turbo trainer took about 3-5 weeks and it built up to more major stuff after about 8 weeks. All in all it's a case of building as you go, you'll probably feel like some things and be wary of others. I gave it over 3 months (maybe about 4 iirc) before going on a squash court again, but that was solo rather than competitive. But the thing I'd say is that anything that pulled at my midriff - lifting or manipulating anything heavy - was a setback as I slowed down my progress through worrying the pain was a sign of doing myself some damage. But some progress was quicker than I'd expected.

  • PS just keep asking questions if you have more, I'll answer best as I can.

  • Rather than thinking gym, think walking and pelvic floor.
    I had catheter for 3weeks so barely walking, off work for 7 weeks. Build it up slowly 

  • You need to give yourself time to recover from your operation, and however much the robotic prostatectomy is "less invasive" than a conventional (open) operation, it is major surgery. I had my surgery (robotic prostatectomy) almost 12 months ago. I was told to take six weeks off work - and I work at a desk, nothing strenuous. I don't know about your state of fitness, but my advice would be to take things very slowly, and if you feel any pain at all from any sort of exercise, stop at once, take pain medication, and rest yourself. Contact your care team or your GP if you have any worries.