Getting Test Results

We moved to a new health board in March this year (still within Scotland) and they have completely different standards which are causing concern. The new Urology department contacted me by letter to say that they now require a hospital blood test for PSA. Previously, it was always done at the GP practice at the same time as I had the Prostap injection (and the result shared with the hospital).

When I had the blood taken I asked the nurse when I could get the result and was told the GP would have it in about 10 days. I left it for two weeks then called the GP to get the result and was told that the GP practice doesn't get the results from hospital blood tests! I telephoned the Urology department and left a message on the answering machine and a couple of days later my call was returned by the departmental secretary with the result of the test (<0.1!!!). The secretary was clearly embarrassed by the fact that she had to give me the result emphasising that she wasn't medically trained.

I subsequently wrote to the Oncology consultant (the one who told me I should stop my Prostap injections immediately, as discussed in another thread) and received a reply to say that test results were not normally given to the patient unless there was "Cause for concern".

I find this really disturbing as a PSA blood test result is the most important piece of information for a PC sufferer. Has anyone else been in this situation?

My solution for the time being will be to have two blood tests one at the hospital and one at the GP when I get my next Prostap injection. However that won't work after June 2021 as I will have my last injection then.

  • Hi Seamus

    Doesn't sound quite right, u obviously need to keep a record of PSAs .

    I would either put some pressure on the hospital to enable u have a copy of the result or use the GP..

    Even though your Prostap injections will end u can still have the PSA done.

    You shouldn't need to see the GP, just get a form from reception , have the blood test and call them a couple of weeks later for the result.



  • I find it hard to believe that a GP surgery has no access to hospital blood tests in 2020; if it were me, I'd query that with the the GP, in case there was a misunderstanding. If confirmed, I'd change GP.

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  • My first test after RT result was given to me by the receptionist at my GP. The next one six months later was by letter from the hospital. A further six months down the line I .had the test as usual at the GP's and was told they didn't get the result so contact the Urology Dept When I did this I was told they had the result but couldn't tell me as they weren't trained but would get a nurse to ring me. I asked her when she rang about the result not being given by someone untrained(stable at 0.02) and she told me the reason is had my PSA jumped up a receptionist would not be able to tell me the next step whereas a nurse could tell me the plan for dealing with the rise. When I saw the Urologist last (Nov. 3rd 2020) he told my next blood test and appointment will be November 2021 so a full year. But I can now understand the need for a trained person to give you the information.

    Best of luck with your future results Reg.