Dwp cancer

I was diagnosedwith prostatecancer 2015 I had the operation Jan 2016, I went on the sick after having the operation, has you would understand my head was lost being told I had cancer, I was contacted by the Dwp asking for bank statements which I sent them, after a few weeks I received a letter back saying all my benefits were being stopped and even worse to add to my nightmare I was told I would have to pay it all back I didn't understand what going on getting cancer and this evil Dwp has destroyed my life they have left me with over £10,000 debt it has left me suicidal you get cancer and the evil Dwp treat you like this its barbaric.

  • I would contact your nearest Macmillan's or Maggies Cancer Centre - or any other Cancer Self Help Group you may have in your area.  They usually have a benefits advisor you can talk to and hopefully they will be able to sort something out.  You could also contact your Citizens' Advice Bureau and see if they can help.

    Now back to the cancer.  I presume you have been unable to go back to work after the cancer treatment a little bit more information about your cancer such as PSA, Gleason score and TNM scores and Staging.

    I do hope you can find someone to help you sort out how to pay back DWP if you have to. To me it makes no sense if it leaves you in debt. 

  • Please go and see your GP about your state of mind.

    Depression is understandable and more common than people think. It's also very treatable.

    Get help. It's out there.

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    A healthy-looking decrepit, 69-year-old male, mentally alert but forgetful. I no longer have an urge to choke people who say "all you need to beat cancer is the right attitude" - better to smile and move on.

  • I have had this nightmare for over 4yrs since being diagnosed I've been to everyone for help but you have to deal with the barbaric dwp who sooner see you dead than show any compassion, I have hit brick walls with everyone.


  • I do hate abbreviations DWP take it to be department of work and pensions I can just give you my experience I live Lincoln and based at my local hospital is a Macmillan office and the staff there got me a full personal independence payment worth £150 weekly tax free and a disabled badge I believe one has to be younger than 65 to get full payment if over there is still a part payment note these payments are NOT MEANS TESTED 

    PS MY condition is incurable 

    Best wishes,