Biopsy repeat

I have been under Active Surveillance for the previous 4 years after my first biopsy showed 3+4=7 Gleason score.

My PSA has been regularly checked and has currently come down from 9.2 to 8.4  yet my consultant has organised for me to have another biopsy. Why would this be?

  • This happens as you get older.  You have more ailments and medications that give you side effects which they try to give you more medication for.  Something for you to look forward to!  LOL

  • Oh whoopee can't wait. 

    Just got to wait 2 weeks now for my biopsy results and see where my journey starts.


  • Make the most of everything while you can.  My brother is 5 years younger than me and I always write - "Make the most of the next 5 years in his birthday card!  LOL.

    Here's hoping the biopsy results haven't gone up and C19 doesn't affect any of your treatment plans they may put forward.

  • Hi FreefFreefaller back again. Had results back. Gleason is the same 3+4=7 in 12 of the 19 core samples taken. It is localised still. 

    Spoke to Consultant who explained clearly about the RP using partial Robot surgery. 

    Given all the reading matter by my designated nurse who went through it all with me. 

    Got appointment for Flow test next week and oncologist as well to go through Radiotherapy.

    I seem to have read so much about both procedures already now and really don't fancy choosing between them.

    As my results don't seem to have changed much over 4 years I am sorely tempted to say no to them and as to continue on Active Surveillance. Is this something you think they would agree with as I'm so frightened they will push one or the other on me and what happens if I refuse.

    So confused. 

    Sorry for rambling on, just need to clear my brain.

  • Kayak

    They don't like it if u ignore their advice and refuse treatment, that is the reason why I had to change hospitals twice.

    I think that u said your PSA was about 8, I presume that is the latest?

    most important issue here is location and size of tumour (s)  within the gland.  If nowhere near the edge of gland then AS maybe OK.

    Also, see what Freefaller says


  • WARNING: blunt statements follow.

    If you don't want a treatment, don't have it. They aren't going to drag you kicking and screaming into the operating theatre!

    But do listen carefully to what they say about WHY they are suggesting treatment.

    At an early stage, some PCa is 'curable' (though they no-one knows they were cured until the die of something else!). But if you don't catch it in time, you may never get the chance again. Think of it as a car on a gentle slope with no brakes. A gentle touch, and it starts to move. If you put a brick against the wheel, you'll probably stop it. But let it roll down the slope for 100 metres, gathering speed the whole way, and a brick wall won't stop it.

    If they can't make a case for treatment, fair enough. But cancer doesn't go away. it grows. That's what cancer does.

    I've been in remission for a while, but it will probably come back: at that point, I'll have to consider my options, because I'll know that it hasn't been cured. But for now, I'm extremely glad I had the treatment, awful as it was.

    - - -


    A healthy-looking decrepit, 69-year-old male, mentally alert but forgetful. I no longer have an urge to choke people who say "all you need to beat cancer is the right attitude" - better to smile and move on.

  • Thanks Heinous. Thanks for replying so bluntly I appreciate everything you say it's just that I probably just keep hoping it will go away away although I know it won't. 

    I needed to hear from someone like yourself to know that I have the chance at present to act on it and get it sorted. 

    Is the hormone therapy really bad as that is the part I am really afraid of if I go down the RT route?


  • HT is utter shite; there's no getting away from it. The hot flushes, the night sweats, the moods, the fatigue. I hated it. And I had 3 years - most people these days get 1.5-2!

    But life went on, and I knew it was a set time, and I had a chance of 'cure' (even though I was T3a with an aggressive tumour, so not a huge chance).

    And I've now had 5 years remission: not quite remission: One symptom you never lose is looking over your shoulder in case it's coming after you.

    No regrets, not one. But I'd still think long and hard about the merits of chemo or going back on HT if I got recurrence.

    The tragedy of PCa is that the treatment is worse than the disease until the late stages. But you always have look at the big picture and look for the least worst option.

    Good Luck!

    - - -


    A healthy-looking decrepit, 69-year-old male, mentally alert but forgetful. I no longer have an urge to choke people who say "all you need to beat cancer is the right attitude" - better to smile and move on.

  • I know that u are agonising over which route to take Kayak. Surgery or RT etc etc.

    Possibly an easy way to look at it : Surgery can (not always) give u side effects that don't go away whereas HT can give u varying side effects that almost certainly will go away after u stop taking them.

    Good luck with whatever u go for.