Prostate cancer awaiting diagnosis confused and axious

Hello everyone,

I have been following the posts on this forum for over a year and find everyone to be so helpful, honest and extremely courageous given yoursituations.

Over a year ago I was referred to the urologist with a psa of 22.4, dre was enlarged but smooth. Had MRI, bone scan and 18 core biopsy all were clear (apart from a suspicious area showing on scan). This was followed with a CT scan and a second targetted, 13 core biopsy. Again no positive cores and no pin.

The urologist then removed me from the cancer pathway, so we assumed all was ok. However moving forward a few months to the next psa test and result was 37.4 in April. Had another Mri.  Prostate is large at 90cc No change in suspicious area. Suspicious area is peripheral zone possibly PI-RADS 4.

MDT  meeting now want a template biopsy and a second bone scan.

Worried that rapid increase in psa over a short time is indicative of spread. Have seen here on this blog and others where psa levels can be high due to other causes but such a rapid rise is causing some concern.

Just totally confused at present and more than a little concerned.

Thanks in advance for any comments

  • Hi Rabjo. 

    I perfectly understand your concern. I just wanted to share with you that my PSA was 38 when I was diagnosed with locally advanced prostate cancer in January. Phase 1 of my treatment schedule was hormone therapy. This rapidly brought my PSA down, and my cancer is currently controlled and exhibiting a PSA of only 0.26. 

    I know that this experience of mine only relates to a single concern of yours amongst many, but I wanted to share it with you anyway.

    I really hope both that others feed back to you soon and that the answers to the questions that are tormenting you are forthcoming as soon as possible. 

    Very best wishes,

    Jonathan x

    Hoping for personal growth and a return to full health
  • Hi Rabjoh

    Obviously something is showing up on the MRI but the 2 biopsies proved inconclusive . So I presume that is why they are going to do a template biopsy which can produce up to 50 cores. By targeting the suspicious area in the MRI hopefully they can find the right area to biopsy.

    Psa is highish but then your prostate is a fair size which could account for some of that.

    Worrying times I know but I would think that it's still contained within the prostate and therefore still curable Hopefully they will do the template biopsy soon and then at least you will know one way or another.

    Best wishes


  • Hi Jonathan

    Thanks for your speedy reply and reassuring words. Glad to hear you are doing well. Good to hear the hormone therapy is working . 

    Were you not offered a prostatectomy and will you have radiotherapy as well?

      Just confused as to all the different treatments.

    Thanks again for your kind words of support.


  • Hi Steve

    Thanks for your speedy reply. Just waiting for appointments to come through.

    Will keep every one posted and hopefully be able to compare experiences.

    Cheers  Rabjo.

  • Hi everyone,

    Tried to post this earlier so may appear twice. Just a quick update. Had template biopsy Friday. Only took 24 cores, a bit surprised considering size of prostate. Very little pain and only a little blood in pee. Bone scan on Tuesday. 

    Will keep everyone posted.

    Cheers Rabjohn

  • Hi Rabajo!  I was wondering that during these discussions people have stated PSA scores of 30+. I am very glad that with medication your PSA came down. 

    What I would like to know is if at the time you were given a biopsy and a Gleason score.  I ask because I have a much lower PSA but my Gleason was 4+5!! 



  • Hi Pbads

    It is certainly possible to have a low  or near normal psa and an aggressive form of cancer indicated by a high gleeson.  I can't rembember the reason right now but I would think it's to do with some aggressive cancers not producing much psa, the cells be too abnormal.


  • Hi Steve!  Thanks for getting back to me so soon. 

    Yeah!  I must have been on the abnormal list with an aggressive form of cancer. 



  • P

    These particular cells are only interested in one thing , replicating, not interested in making small amounts of psa to help us identify them.


  • Hi PBADs

    Think you're getting me mixed up with Jonathan (see previous posts above). As yet I don't know my Gleason score. Will be a few days before I get the results.